Want to quit smoking? These tips will help you burn your smoking desires!




Want to quit smoking We have read this warning numerous times on a pack of cigarette, in a movie Theatre, on sign boards etc but we never actually pay head to it . But then there comes a time when we see someone actually suffering from its hazards and that is the time when it occurs to us that Smoking is actually not good for us, our family and even for people around us whether that may be a completely unknown stranger but the smoke is harming them too without no fault whatsoever. And we decide to quit but quitting this hobby is not that easy either. Here I am sharing some tips which helped my husband quit Smoking. I hope these tips benefit you in shedding this habit before it’s too late. Let’s take a look:-

1.Look for a strong motivation & Get on a slow boat

 Facts source : www.stopmysmoking.com
So, You are very well aware of the fact that slowly and gradually your one drag has metamorphosed into thousand drags a day and within no time you have turned into a chain smoker. But you also know that this is not good for your good being and you went all ga-ga over quitting smoking and vowed not to smoke even a single cigarette from the very next day. Don’t try to completely cut off the cigarette in a flash. Burn it down slowly and steadily. What I mean is reduce the quantity of cigarette gradually over a month’s time. And then go cold turkey. Also look for a strong reason say your kids or your wife or the harms it is causing to your family. It will inspire you even more to quit smoking. Some of the horrible facts about smoking are as follows:- a) Do you know smoking not only harms you but it can be harmful to your future unborn children too? b) Passive smoking causes erectile dysfunction and infertility. c) Cigarette smoke contains over 4,800 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. They include:
  1. Arsenic – used in rat poison
  2. Formaldehyde – embalming fluid
  3. Tar – material for paving roads
  4. Nicotine – used as insecticide

2. Make your quit smoking forethought public

Tell your family, friends, and people around you that you are intending to leave smoking and are determined about it. So that they cooperate with you in your cigarette eschew shenanigans. Remember friend’s and family’s support can help you a big deal in quitting smoking.

3. Avoid company of smokers

Yes! No, it doesn’t matter if  they are  your colleagues or bestest of friends or someone from the family. Stay away from people who smoke themselves and could make you weaker and unable to smoke a cigarette.  

4. Walk , cardio or start working out however you can

Whenever you feel the sudden urge to smoke a cigarette take a walk or do cardio, aerobics or better start keeping fit and make exercise your everyday routine. This will help you to avoid that extreme spur of the moment urges to smoke.  

5. Augment water and other fluids intake

Increase your water intake and consume as more fluids as possible. Consume fresh fruit juice and such things but avoid drinks with caffeine in them. Consume low-calorie drinks and eat low-calorie snacks.  

6. Take the edge off your workload, Take a trip

After quitting smoking you might feel a bit lethargic and restless so it’s a better idea to cut up on your workload. Or better take a short trip to a place endowed with the beauty of nature and freshness. This would help you fight stress which is a major trigger for smoking and also take your mind off Smoke cravings.  

7. Yoga and meditation help in quitting smoking

I know many of you might  find these things a bit cumbersome but trust me these things help you a great deal in relaxing your body and thereby reducing the impulse to smoke. These aid in relaxing your mind thereby minimising the levels of stress and frustration.  

8. Pamper yourself with other things instead of smoke

You should be proud of. yourself to take care of yourself and your loved ones by making amends quit smoking. In those moments of weakness instead of turning to cigarettes, pamper yourself by eating other delicious things or take body spa or a head massage. Pamper yourself, distract yourself and put your best endeavour to quit smoking.  

9. Get rid of everything which reminds you of smoking

Get the house cleared of cigarettes or ashtrays or anything whatsoever which reminds you of smoking. Stop going to places where you use to smoke. Do not keep cigarettes at places where this could be easily reachable.  

10.Deposit the amount spent on cigarette in a piggy bank

Deposit the amount which you use to splurge on cigarettes in a piggy bank and check that after a week or month. Maybe you will realise that this Hobby is not worth this much money and that you can use it for much better things.

11.Try the following home remedies to curb the instant desire to smoke

a) Lick dried ‘Anwala’ (Indian gooseberry) with salt sprinkled over it. Vitamin C present in this will reduce your craving for nicotine intake. b) Chew ‘Dalchini’ Sinamon whenever you feel an instant craving to smoke. c) Have a pinch of Baking soda when you have an itch for the cigarette. Baking soda balances the body’s PH level thereby reducing the desire to intake nicotine. d) Lick a mixture of fresh ginger, a drop or two of lemon juice and black salt. Presence of sulphur in this concoction reduces the desire to smoke. e) Keep a piece of ‘Mulethi” (liquorice) in your pocket instead of cigarette. Chew pieces of  it whenever you feel like smoking.   smoking-other   It is not easy to withdraw from smoking in a trice. It is actually one of the most hard pressed tasks in the world. Non-smokers might think how hard it could be to quit smoking but it’s actually excruciating. People find it so hard to quit tea or coffee then imagine how much harder it would be to quit smoking, therefore, you are doing great by even attempting to shun down this deadly addiction. And you will see slowly and steadily you will succeed in doing this. I pray to god that you soon get over this toxic enslavement and lead a healthy life free of smoking. Amen !  

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