Tips for skin care in summer : A Complete skin care guide for Summer!

Tips for skin care in summer

Tips for skin care in summer : A Complete skin care guide for the sultry season!

Complete skin care guide for summers!


Summers are not our skin and beauty’s favorite friend. Those harsh sun-rays and high temperature in particular result in tanning, sunburn and darkening of the skin. Furthermore The quality of skin starts deteriorating too resulting in pigmentation and pre-mature aging. Summers might take away the natural glow of your soft skin leaving it rough and lifeless. In fact With a sudden increase in temperatures summers are even more harsh to handle on the skin and therefore skin demands more care. Not to mention one needs to make changes in everyday schedule and diet too in order to take proper care of the skin. Few skin care tips from our kitty to combat the hot AF summer:-

I. Everyday Skin care regime during Summer:-


1. Papaya and honey paste

Apply papaya and honey paste after returning back from Sun-rays and heat. This paste act as an excellent soothing agent for burnt skin.

2. Raw Potato Juice

Keep raw potato juice handy in freeze and apply that first thing on the face after coming back from outside.

3. Honey and Raw milk pack

Honey and raw milk paste is an excellent detan paste. Not only this it acts as a repairing agent too. This natural pack repairs skin burnt from sun rays.

4. Cucumber water

Keep cucumbers in a cotton handkerchief in refrigerator and massage it on the skin in order to cool down the skin.

5. Tomato, Mint and curd pulp

This pulp is an excellent cooling agent and can not only applied on face but whole body.

II. What to drink before stepping foot outside in the scorching heat ?

In all honesty It doesn’t matter which sunscreen or moisturiser you use what is more important is to take internal care of the skin too. Following drinks should be consumed before stepping foot in the skin in order to keep the beauty of the skin intact in summers :-

1. Coconut Water

It’s an extraordinary hydrating agent for the body.

2. Buttermilk

Buttermilk helps to keep the body hydrated for long.

3. Water

Do not even think about going outside without gulping sufficient quantity of water.

4.  Consume fruits

Consume fruits such as Water melon, Cucumber, etc as more as possible that helps in retaining moisture in the skin.

III. What to eat in summer?

As much as You would like to  think that your skin cannot get dry during summers but this is not true. Frequent movements from AC to outside heat can make your skin dry. In order to keep the skin soothing certain foods must be consumed:-

1. Consume green veggies instead of fried items and junk food.

2. Include curd, fruits and salad into your everyday diet.

3. Consume Mango juice, sugarcane juice etc.

4. Avoid sugary drinks with high calories instead prefer natural fruit juice.

5. Consume seasonal fruits. Fruits work better than juice in keeping the skin healthy and glowing.

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