Pregnancy Tips : Eight Changes couples should bring into their life before planning a pregnancy

Pregnancy Tips


    Pregnancy Tips : Eight Changes couples should bring into their life before planning a pregnancy

  ” Aww ! He is so cute. Look at his tiny hands and those small eyes. And that cute tushy is to die for. I am so in love with him. It’s done now. I am also going to have a baby.” So ,You saw a baby and came back home and decided to pop one out of your own belly or even worse you got so high in the trance of lust that didn’t even give this fact a heed that this unprotected love might lead you to have a baby. It’s that simple. Right ? No ! Planning a pregnancy and having a baby demands a considerable amount of your time. This is one of your biggest life decisions and there are few things which need thorough discussions and few changes which you need to incorporate in your lives before having that cute bundle of joy in your arms. You need to shell out At Least 6 months to yourself in order to become a perfect to be the mom and dad.  


Plan,Plan and Always Plan your pregnancy. A drunken night and here come a baby 9 months later is exactly not a good plan. It is always better to have a planned pregnancy rather than having an unplanned one.Think about following:- a) Your priorities in Life – Is having a kid right now is one of them ? b) Your financial state – Are you financially able to give your toddler a good upbringing? c) Stability level in your relationship – The baby will need his father too. Ask answer to these questions yourself and then plan a baby. It is always good to have a feeling of contentment and positivity around you and then embrace a baby into it.


Yes ! You do need to have an ideal weight according to your height before you make a decision to get pregnant. Staying with an ideal weight not only reduces the risk of complications such as diabetes and toxaemia (High blood pressure ) but it will also help you shed that baby fat after the pregnancy. So All the mommy to be’s, Tighten your belts (pun intended ) and start counting your calories from today itself.


It is always advisable to indulge into exercising even during the pregnancy as well. But for many, it won’t be an easy exercise to start exercising suddenly during pregnancy and retaining it too. The best option is to start working out few months before pregnancy. I know, I know that all of us are not Jen fonda for that matter but least you can do is being a cardio bunny and just run on the treadmill for barely 30 minutes or so. Trust me ! Even that will do. Devoiding yourself of any sort of workout will harm you in the long run.


Kick off all the bad habits before try turning into a mother. It is strictly advisable to stop smoking and also keep a tab on your drinking. Why you need to stop smoking a cigarette a while before actually getting pregnant is because If you will suddenly stop smoking it will make you more stressed out and that stress will be inflicted on baby’s health only. Also, Traces of nicotine remain in your body for long. Smoking increases the risk of Asthma and sudden Infant death syndrome. The choice is yours. Drinking also can create health hazards for the little one, Choice is yours. Are you ready to go cold turkey or your baby will have to pay the piper !


It is very much important for the future mommy to have a stress free mind which will result in a healthy body. You can go for some yoga or meditation. Try to keep a tab on your temper if not for your sake but for babies. Try to do things which make you happy and relieves you from anxiety and tension. Make an attempt to go organic not only in terms of your food supplies but watch out your beauty products too.


Or by someone who recently had a baby or is pregnant with one. It will be more comfortable to listen to someone you know going through it. This way you will also get the idea of how this thing actually works , That baby is not only these cute tiny creatures to play with but they also bring hordes of responsibilities along with the gaiety. Also get your thorough medical check up done to diagnose for any chronic disease,cholesterol ,STD’s,thyroid etc. Do get one done for your partner too. This way not only you will be aware of any health hazards but also you can create a connection with the doc and can figure out whether She/He is the right one for you or not. It is advisable to visit a doctor 3to 4 months before start trying.


Give a due thought to the workplace arrangements too. Will you be able to continue the same job you were doing earlier or will you need to switch? If you reach the conclusion that you need to switch after the baby then let me tell you, Do it now because it will not be easy for you to manage two new jobs after the baby. First one is being a new mom and second one . Well, you know better.


Well, this was all about you. But don’t forget ,there in one more person in this love triangle and that is the daddy dearest. Oops, We almost forgot about him and why shouldn’t ,Who is he? He is just the sperm donor that’s it. But No ,Actually a father have an equal role from the birth to the upbringing of the child. Have a detailed talk with the father of the child about the responsibilities after the pregnancy and birth of the baby too. Above Mentioned changes not only apply to you but also to him as well. And Once your pregnancy mind (Yes! there is actually a thing like this) will start working, there will be no one but the daddy dearest to take care of you. So, Include him in your decisions too. So stop faffing around and bring these 8 Lifestyle changes in your life before pregnancy. Adopt these changes as soon as possible if you are intending on starting a family.I hope you have a visit from stork soon and make a gorgeous addition to this world.

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