How to increase water intake !


How to increase water intake !

Water is actually a magical potion which by God ‘s grace is freely available to us as of yet. It is an elixir of life and a divine solution for most of our beauty and health problems. Until about a few years back I was suffering from multiple beauty and health problems ranging from coarse skin to constipation,piles.One day I had immense pain under my ribs and we had to rush to doctors in the middle of the night.Tests were done and I was diagnosed with multiple stones both in my gall bladder and kidney.Doctors advised me to get them operated immediately otherwise it might turn into cancer. I came back and consulted few others. Along with it, I did thorough Internet research.There was no cure for gall bladder stone, Although for kidney stones a lot of med sites advised increasing water intake.Scared of the operation, I decided to take matters in my hands and start consuming more water from the very next day.It did or die situation of for me so In spite of my dislike for water I increased its intake. I did the same for 6 months and after that tests were conducted and to my surprise kidney stones were completely eliminated from my kidney and even there was a reduction in gallbladder stones as well.There was no pain under my ribs which had become a regular affair until about a few months back.And not only this I started to feel a positive transformation in my skin as well.I am not exaggerating but my skin was not at all coarse or dry anymore .It was the baby like soft indeed. Blemishes disappeared and I experienced a lightening in my skin tone as well. I had no constipation ,piles whatsoever and of course I lost weight as well.That was the day and there is today.I made drinking water my everyday ritual.Like many of you I have had also read many articles on the importance of drinking water and stuff like that but because of my dislike for water and lethargic attitude, I couldn’t do it .But now I did and came across few tricks to increase the water intake.I would like to share them with you all so that you might also be benefitted by this magical beverage called water :-

1.Lay up the rules 

Plunk up few rules for gulping down more water.You need to get serious and make a schedule for consumption of water.Decide few time slots where you will drink at least three glasses of water in a go.Following are some suggestions to implement the same:- •Make it a habit of drinking at the minimum 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning. •In order to do that keep a jug or a bottle ready with you at the night itself. •One hour after your breakfast or half an hour before your meal drink 2 glasses of water. •Drink at least 3 glasses of water in the evening. •Half an hour before dinner swallow down two glasses of water.It will not only curb your hunger but also your water consumption will be increased. •Whenever you leave your office and enter the house make it your habit to drink 2 glasses of water. •Whenever you crave for tea or junk food drink two glasses of water at the very moment. Remember do not drink water just before or after the meal.It might cause you gas.    

2.Always drink water from a utensil with broad mouth

Always drink water with a Jug or a bottle with broad mouth or a mason jar or anything which pours more water into your mouth.This is an excellent cheat to quaff up more water.Particularly in a morning ,Always drink water from such a utensil.Try not to drink water from a plastic bottle.    

3.Carry water with you

Carry at least a 3 litres water bottle with you whether on work or at the college or wherever you go.Folks this is a well-known fact that we tend to avoid drinking water if the water is not readily available to us.So if you will keep the water bottle handy not only the water will be easily available to you but you can keep the track too as to how much water you have consumed.I know it might sound like a bit of an encumbrance but it is worth it.A bit of a weight will take away your weight.I still remember one of my classmate use to bring two big water bottles and never shared them with anyone and we made fun of her but now I realise how wise she was to do that.  

5.Set reminders

Set hourly reminders and alarms in your phone to nudge yourself up to drink water.Yes, it is true.In today’s fast moving life we often overlook to drink water that’s why it is always a good idea to remind yourself of having water at regular intervals.When the reminder rings make sure to have not less than a glass of water.I always make it a pint to drink half a bottle of water after my each visit to a colleague or boss.If you finish up 6 reminders gulping down two glasses each your rake off of the day is done.Ting !    

6.Keep a water bottle close by doing long sitting work

While cooking or while watching a movie or any other work involving long sitting or working hours always keep a water bottle close by.Keep on sipping the water at every 10 minutes to make the water intake process uninterrupted.I always keep a chilled water bottle just in front of my eyes while cooking or writing so that I notice that and drink at least a sip out of it.  

7. Binge drink water irrespective of thirst

Do not wait up for your thirst to turn up so that you may drink water.Drink water irrespective of feeling thirsty or not.Although I know the pleasure of drinking water after a tryst with thrust but folks here we do not have to wait for the invitation by our body .So become uninvited guests and keep on gulping down water as and when possible.    

8.Do not try to follow all these tips on the day one itself

Initially, when you will try to ingest water you might feel like vomiting or you might actually puke but don’t loose heart.Ingurgitate water the same way you carouse alcohol in spite of its bitter taste and smell.Always keep on reminding yourself on why you are drinking the water.Remind yourself of your beauty ,your health or better keep some photos and quotes of celebrities glorifying advantages of water.    

9.Drink Out of an attractive water bottle or Jar

Our human mind is inadvertently attracted to any visuals or things with bright Colors and the same goes with water.Keep your water in attractive bottles or jars or jugs and you will found yourself chugging down more water than bargained for.

10.Try to consume more healthy sugar-free fluids as possible

Instead of aerated drinks always make an attempt to order healthy juice or smoothie whenever you go out.Or you can do one thing.Devoid yourself of any aerated or sugary drink for the week and then reward yourself with one on the weekend.Do not go for taste ,go for your health instead.

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