How to get rid of gas : Home remedies


Gas, Acidity, belching, abdominal inflation, flatulence by whatever name it is called is usually a common phenomenon which affects a lot of us occasionally. But if it starts happening every now and then-then you need to be concerned about it. Regular flatulence, gas, acidity might be a sign of some serious problem such as stone, stomach infection, appendicitis etc. Following are some common symptoms of gas :- 1. Frequent farting 2.Sudden Bloating of stomach after dinner 3.Belching 4.Tightness in abdomen 5.Severe ache in stomach 6.heartburn If you are experiencing any of this symptom then below mentioned is a list of few home remedies which might help you get rid of the gas :-

1. Buttermilk with asafoetida (Heeng )

Put a pinch of fried Heeng (asafoetida) in buttermilk and drink the beverage. This is one of the most effective remedies to get rid of the gas instantly.Also, asafoetida act as an excellent agent for proper digestion. Not only it enhances the taste of the food but also make the digestion smooth. Make it a regular ingredient in dinner.  

2. Ajowan caraway (Ajwain)and black salt (Kala namak )

Roast a teaspoonful of Ajowan caraway seeds (Ajwain) and black salt (Kala namak ) on the PAN (Tava) and then eat this concoction and drink water over it. Or dip a handful of Ajwain (Ajowan caraway) seeds in a glass of water and then warm that water after half an hour and then drink it. This is a very effective home remedy to curb gas.  

3. Black salt

Black salt or kala namak is also a cure for digestive problems. Keep in licking black salt and it will make you burp frequently thereby reducing the effect of the gas.  

3. Garlic cloves

Garlic is not only a wonderful culinary ingredient having the magical capacity to make and cuisine delicious but also it is a great antidote to fix gas troubles. If you are suffering from gas then prepare a chutney of garlic cloves and have it. You will see yourself getting rid of gaseous cramps within no time. If you suffer from gastric problems regularly then swallow a clove of garlic every morning empty stomach. Also if possible try to put garlic into your dinner to lessen the chances of encountering gaseous problems.

4. Drink water with peppermint

If you are suffering from gas, drink two – three glasses of water with peppermint leaves. It will not only soothe the stomach but also cause beaches which will help you get rid of the gas.  

5. Warm milk with turmeric

Although it is suggested to have cold milk whenever you are having a gas like situation but according to my personal experience, warm milk works better. But drink the milk in a single go or take large sips.  

6. Sit in the following positions to let the gas out

Folks, let’s face it the more you will let the gas loose the more comfortable you will feel. Following are few of the positions to practice if you suffer from multiple indigestion problems.   image  

7. Wear loose Fit clothes

If you are experiencing gas like situation then wear loose clothes. Remove those tight fitted clothes particularly at the waist area and wear loose fit clothes. Tight fitting clothes will only make you feel uncomfortable.  

8. Water before tea or meal

As they always say prevention is always better than cure, therefore, do yourself a favour and have a glass of water 15 minutes before you have tea and have two glasses of water 20 minutes you have your meal.  

9. Eat slowly ,Chew properly and walk after the meal

Do not directly go to bed after the meal.Walk for At Least 10 minutes. Also, eat slowly and chew the food properly.

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