Dont’s during chicken pox : A list of things one must not do during chicken pox !


     Dont’s during chicken pox : A list of things one must not do during chicken pox !

So I got this disease Chicken pox. This was one disease from which I was always afraid of Reason ,If you have fever you can take medicine and sleep , If you have a cold you can just take medicine and sleep and you will be fit and fine within few days but here in chicken pox not only we have to endure fever but we get blisters ,endless uncontrollable itch and then there are 80 percent chances of having hideous scars too.

Also during chicken pox Not only you are suffering but you are also at a risk of passing it to the others .

Here is a list of some Dont’s,Things you should not do during chicken pox based on my personal experience Take a look:-
  chiken pox  

1.Don’t avoid the symptoms

If anyone around you has got chicken pox even if a month back and now you are experiencing tiredness,Mild Fever,Sleepiness all the time,Nausea,Your taste buds have turned kinda yucky and if you have recently got a pimple or two please don’t avoid it as some acne.These are the first and foremost symptoms of Chickenpox.It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a kid.Consult a doctor asap.

2.Don’t listen to what others say and rely on your doctor’s consultation only.

People Will Tell You Not To Take The Bath,and Eat only Cold Food and Maybe Will Advise You Not To Drink Juices At All.

Don’t Follow These Tips Blatantly.

Cross check these Tips with your Doctor too.

Having bath not only will make you feel better but also help in getting rid of the itch.

3.Don’t take the medicines without checking for their side effects

The Medicines Given During Chicken Pox are Very Heavy and will Make You Feel Dizzy and Sleepy.

so cross checks the side effects of medicine.

Usually, antiviral and Antiallergic medicines are prescribed during this time.

A very important thing that doesn’t take antiviral medicine like acyclovir if you have a kidney ailment like a kidney stone.

4.Don’t take fatty and spicy food.

Spicy food with High Content of salt,oil and Ghee Should Not be consumed During Chicken pox.

As It will only Trigger The Itch In The Blisters.

It is Advisable to Avoid Junk Foods and Items with the high content of Chilli and other such Spices.

Instead of these, you might have light food like… Daliya,Upma,Idli etc.

5.Don’t ever itch your blisters

This is a big no-no .Please don’t itch your blisters no matter how hard the urge be.

Take anti allergic medicines like Atrax or Benedryl and also try to divert your attention towards something of your choice.

You can have lukewarm bath or put ice packs on the blisters.These will help you to an extent.Itching the blister can leave a permanent scar ,So beware about that.

6.Don’t use any cosmetic on your skin during chicken pox

Do not put on any kind of Cosmetic Or Lotion On Your Skin Apart From The Ones Which Your Doctor Has Prescribed.

You can rub calamine lotion to get relief from the itch and also wash your hands At least 6 to 7 times a day to keep a tab on a spread of a virus.

7.Don’t go out and socialise

Going Out Will Not Harm you but you are Posing a risk to others by going out and Socialising.

Try To Remain Indoors for At least 10 days until the time your blisters have not dried out.

Don’t be selfish and think about others well being too. You would not want anyone else to go through the same ordeal as you are going through.

8.Don’t keep the room,clothes,towels and bed sheet dirty

Change your Clothes, Bed sheets and Towels every day and wash them with Dettol or any other disinfectant.

Wear clean clothes and change your clothes Bed sheets,Pillow covers every day.

9.Don’t decrease the intake of water and other liquids

In fact, Increase The Intake of Water and Drink Plenty of other Liquids too…. Like Coconut Water,Fruit juices,Soups etc.

It will help you fight the virus.

10.Don’t be lazy in applying the ointment and cream

Apply cream and lotion prescribed by your doctor on your blisters for at least 5 to 6 times a day.Remember the more you will take care of yourself the more you will get better.

So these were some suggestions you might take into consideration if you want to get rid of chicken pox soon and easily.

I hope these tips will help you.Anyways don’t worry and Get well soon.

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