Dengue and Chikungunya Fever : Symptoms, Causes and Life saving Home remedies

Dengue and Chikungunya Fever

             Dengue and Chikungunya Fever : Symptoms, Causes and Life saving Home remedies

Dengue is a type of a fever caused by four closely related virus transmitted to the human body via Aedes Aegyptus and Aedes albopictus mosquito. There are certain symptoms of Dengue. If you experience any of these please do not avoid them and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Remember Dengue is not like a normal viral fever, it can be fatal and have other deadly repercussions in the future too. Let’s take a look at the symptoms of Dengue Fever.


•High Fever ranging between 103 degrees to 105 degrees •Severe Body pain (Joint pain, Muscle pain) •Pain behind the eyes •Severe Headache •Redness in eyes •Watery Eyes •Extreme sleepiness to the level of losing consciousness  •Sensitivity to light, Unable to look at light directly  •Vomiting •Loss of appetite  •Itchiness on the body and a small red rash •Nosebleed / Bleeding of gums •Black stool


Although most of the Symptoms of Chikungunya fever and Dengue are same but Chikungunya fever is rarely fatal whereas Dengue fever might be fatal:- Symptoms of Chikungunya Fever • Sudden onset of Fever • Intolerable Joint pain, Body pain • Chills, Shivering down the body • Nausea, Vomiting • Severe Pain in whole head • A feeling of dizziness whenever you try to get up • Rest all symptoms are same as of Dengue. Kindly refer the dengue symptoms as stated above.

Treatment of Dengue and Chikungunya fever

  Like Dengue, Chikungunya Fever also neither has any prescribed medical treatment nor any antiviral drug might sojourn its spread. Folks it is extremely important to start treatment of dengue as soon as possible otherwise, patient’s condition might turn serious. As a victim of dengue thrice (yes I got dengue thrice within a span of 6 years) I would strongly recommend you to get it treated at the earliest. Although Chikungunya fever is not that serious but it may cause prolonged body pain for months, even years in few cases. Treatment and handling of both the disease Dengue and Chikungunya are similar. Below mentioned are some of the treatments and Home remedies of Dengue and Chikungunya fever which will help you fight this disease:-  

1. Increase fluid Intake

Do not waste time & the minute you come to know about the disease or even if it is a suspected case of Dengue symptoms or Chikungunya fever Increase the fluid intake. Consume these fluids at hourly intervals. Some of the fluids which should be taken during Dengue & Chikungunya fever are:- i) Glucose Water ii) Pomegranate juice  *Considered extremely effective in dengue treatment and Chikungunya fever.  iii) Coconut water iv) Kiwi juice iv) Buttermilk  *Consume only if you don’t have any asthmatic or cold related concern. v) Orange Juice vi) Papaya Juice vii) Soup  viii) Any fruit juice for that matter ix) Milk with turmeric x) Smoothie xii) Green Vegetable Smoothie Make it a point to consume these liquids within a gap of the hour.  

 2. Home Remedies For Dengue and Chikungunya Fever

Since there is no treatment of Dengue available in the medical field there are certain home remedies which could be put to use in order to fight dengue.  This is my personal experience that these home remedies works better than any other medical treatment. Below mentioned are some of the Home remedies for Dengue treatment and chikungunya fever:-  

I)  Giloy and Tulsi Kadha / Tinospora cordifolia & Ocimum tenuiflorum Decoct

This is a simple and an excellent home remedy to fight dengue and Chikungunya. If started consumption this kadha (decoct) at the early stage, this kadha will not only stop the platelets from dropping but it will also help them upsurge to a level of 100000 to 150000 within a day. Also, it acts as a natural agent in getting rid of the body from a virus which causes Dengue and Chikungunya fever. How to prepare Take about a 10 Cm trunk ofGiloy climber and cut it in four or 5 parts m. Together with it take 20 to 25 leaves of Tulsi and then crush them in a grinder. For kids take 20 leaves and for adults 25 leaves of Tulsi.Then take about 1 litre of purified water and put the mixture in the water and let it boil until the solution is reduced to half of its original quantity. The Decoct is ready. Feed it to the patient in three equal parts at morning, evening and at night respectively. • I can assure you this decoct will work wonders on a Chikungunya and Dengue patient no matter how serious the condition be. blank

         GILOY TRUNK



  Note: Giloy tree is not easily found but try looking for it in nurseries since it is a highly effective remedy.  

II) Papaya leaves extract

Papaya juice is said to be an excellent cure for Dengue and Chikungunya and help in the upkeep of platelets at a stable level. How to Prepare Take 5 to 6 papaya leaves and then grind them in a grinder. Add some water into it and then sieve it and fetch out the extract. Feed it to the Dengue or Chikungunya patient five to six times a day.  

3. Garlic decoct

Take 10 to 12 cloves of garlic and boil them in one-litre water. When the quantity of the solution is reduced to half. Drink the decoct in three parts within a difference of 3 hours. This decoct is an excellent cure for high fever.  

4. Neem and Tulsi Kadha / Decoct

The season of widespread dengue is usually after the monsoons i.e. around September and October. Also, this is the time when new leaves grow on neem tree. Neem and Tulsi kadha is another such remedy which is said to have antiviral qualities. How to prepare Take about 20 to 30 new neem leaves and 10 Tulsi leaves. Directly put them in about half litres of water and then when the quantity of the solution is reduced to half, sieve the kadha and then consume it three to four times a day. Also if you can, chew new neem leaves as it gives immunity to the body against all mosquito-borne disease.  

5. Jaugrass water / Barley grass water

Take a bunch of barley grass and then crush it in a grinder. Then put the mixture in half litre water and let it boil and when its quantity is reduced to half, Drink this solution thrice a day. Barley is said to have the excellent medicinal quality to increase the blood platelet count and also maintaining them at a stable level.  


blank These are few of the highly effective home remedies which helped me recover from the dengue even though my condition was very serious. My platelet count had reach 30000 but these remedies helped me getting out of danger. I know these might taste hideous but it is a question of your life. Yes seemingly normal Dengue fever can reach to a fatal level within a day and there is neither any prescribed medical treatment nor any vaccine to prevent it so why not try these home remedies which don’t have any side effects. I hope those of you suffering from Dengue or Chikungunya recover soon and resume the normal life. Anyways feel positive and have a belief that these things will actually bring an improvement in your health and you will be fit and healthy within no time.  


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