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Thank you Abhay Deol for Preaching that Unfair is Lovely Too!

Abhay Deol is one of the rare actors of Bollywood industry who do not bite their tongue when it comes to social issues. He is not only insanely good looking but an owner of intellectual mind too. Previously too Abhay has  has been outspoken on many issues condemning stereotypes in Hindi movies and justification of stalking as one of the ways to 'woo a girl.     Recently In the wake of...

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Nine Things that send Us Into An Instant Nostalgic Coma!

There are some things which are happy and sad at the very same time. Certain Memories from our past which make us numb and yearn so desperately to echo back to that time. Today We are harking back to those bits and pieces stretching from our old school to our grandparent's house that gave us so many positive memories. Doodahs which were so sweet as well as dismal in a good sense. Souvenirs from th...

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