Friendship Day quotes : Give your friends the gift of words!
friendship day quotes

Friendship day quotes to make your friends feel special on this special day. Since Friendship day is round the corner, we couldn't help feeling a bit overwhelmed with friend's love and this love is pouring out in the form of these writings so we thought why not post it here on our blog. We am posting some quotes for friendship day which you can use to make your friends feel a bit more special beca...

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Nine Things that send Us Into An Instant Nostalgic Coma!

There are some things which are happy and sad at the very same time. Certain Memories from our past which make us numb and yearn so desperately to echo back to that time. Today We are harking back to those bits and pieces stretching from our old school to our grandparent's house that gave us so many positive memories. Doodahs which were so sweet as well as dismal in a good sense. Souvenirs from th...

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Valentine’s Day Love Poems And Quotes To Make This Special Day Even More Special

On This Valentine day Love is one of the most beautiful feelings. There is no essence of our life without love. Everyone needs a special someone in their life to make it more beautiful and meaningful. Valentine’s Day is considered the epic day to symbolize and express one’s love towards their loved ones. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner we are having a “Love is in the air sort o...

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These quick witted memes on Sonam gupta will leave you in splits!
Sonam Gupta

While the whole nation has been literally standing in Queues there are some others who have had invented various humorous ways to get us out of this stress, one being all the attention surrounding Sonam gupta. This anonymous girl Sonam gupta became the Internet sensation overnight, all thanks to a note by her jilted boyfriend or may be not stating "Sonam gupta bewafa hai". Here is a compilation...

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Ten hilarious jokes about the epic 500, 1000 rupees note Ban, Mr. Modi you again did what nobody else could!

A compilation of Ten hilarious jokes which are doing the rounds on Internet and watsapp  Since the news of our prime minister Narendra Modi's epic scheme on ban of 500 and 1000 rupees note broke! The entire country has been discussing nothing but the never thought about huge step to curb black money. 
1. One 9/11 terrorised America and one 9/11 terrorised India.

2. Surgical strike on housewi...

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Oh Life! Slow down a bit : Poem on busy life

Hey life ! Will you slow down a bit ?
I have a thousand things to do,
Endless dream to come true,
So many promises to commit !
I wake up hasty in the morning
No time to look around.
I get ready like a robot
to run off to a pile of work
Endlessly waiting for me
with no leaps no bounds.
When the alarm rings,
How desperately I wish
to sleep tranquilly for long.
But I drag mysel...

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Another terrorist attack in Baramulla, Kashmir! Are we headed to India Pakistan war?

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According to the recent reports there has been a terrorist attack on Army and Border Security Force (BSF) camps situated in Baramulla, Kashmir. Two BSF personnel are said to be amongst the injured. Although the terrorist were not able to enter the camps but still a gun battle was going on till the time of writing this article.

Two weeks ago, alleged Pakistani terrorist...

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Reasons why I love you ?

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So it was my husband's birthday and I though what could be the best gift for him?After much pondering and ogling for different ideas, I thought why not tell him what I feel for him and that how much special he is for me.I then penned out a list of reasons on why I love him?Although there are infinite reasons on why we love our partner but still I tried to conc...

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These Tv shows prove that 90’s was a good time to Live !

I am a 90's Kid. I love being born in an era where everything was so honest to goodness , so new and we use to cherish those little things we had. There were no PSP's or Pokemon go and the only thing we were addicted to was our huge "Idiot box". We didn't know there is something called the Internet and the only thing we used the computer was to play games such as "Dave","Solitaire" and occasionall...

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