What is Search Engine Optimization?

what is search engine optimaztion

                                       SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)

                                              What is Search Engine Optimization?

Nowadays we hear so much about this term search engine optimization ‘SEO’. People have been spreading the word that SEO is actually a magical tech tool that can take the traffic of your website to impossible highs. But let’s get behind the popular Notion and understand what exactly ‘SEO’ is? SEO is the short form for “search engine optimization.” In layman’s terms, it is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic/views to your website through organic and natural search results. Definitely, search engine optimization can do that but only if it’s properly done in the right manner and in the sync with the data or products available on your website.
Whenever someone looks up for an answer on search engines such as Google or Yahoo, these search engines show most relevant results. SEO helps in gaining placement for your data over other options available. It does this work by using most appropriate keyword phrases making search engines believe that your results are better than other website’s and making your site visible to others.
For example – If We have typed a search request for “HOW TO DO ANCHORING” on google. It will display many results. Now if the site’s SEO is good then it will make blog visible  to the top of the results or may be amongst the top.
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How SEO works?


There is a step by step process that is used to optimize the search engine results.

1. Keyword analysis

Keywords analysis is one of the most important activities of SEO process. Appropriate keywords and their ranking could be the deciding factors for your website’s success. The whole exercise of SEO actually starts with a well-curated analysis of keywords.

2. Website content

 It’s a myth that SEO can improve the ranking of any website whatsoever irrespective of the quality of content. It’s extremely important to alter the content in sync with SEO strategy.

3. Website code

 SEO optimizes the source code of a website too. A source code of a website is the code that web browsers and search engines read and analyze to display the webpage’s contents. It helps them figure out what the website’s genre is and showing the result on the basis of that.

4. Backlink Building

 It’s a widely known fact that link building is one the most sought after skill in SEO. In order to optimize the website, one is required to excel at data, marketing, programming etc. If a venture wants other people to link to your site. If you want a hike in site traffic then attention must be paid to link building.
P.S. Backlinks are one of the top 3 Google ranking signals.

5. Visitor tracking

 There are various steps that speed up the process of Search engine optimization but then one also needs to keep a regular check on how such tips are actually yielding results? Visitors and site traffic is thoroughly tracked and analyzed to figure out the necessary adaptations.

6. Search Result analysis

 Lastly, and most importantly A large chunk of time is being devoted towards search result analysis because it’s one of the most decisive factors to plan for a website’s SEO strategy. Each and every website is different from others and needs a personalized SEO plan in order to achieve the targeted internet presence. And the needs can only be figured out after a thorough analysis of the search results both before and after SEO.
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