Valentine’s Day Love Poems And Quotes To Make This Special Day Even More Special


On This Valentine day Love is one of the most beautiful feelings. There is no essence of our life without love. Everyone needs a special someone in their life to make it more beautiful and meaningful. Valentine’s Day is considered the epic day to symbolize and express one’s love towards their loved ones. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner we are having a “Love is in the air sort of feeling”. Luckily I also found someone just at the right time and at the right place. As I am a poet so I used my talent in wooing him and expressing my love in the form of these small poems. But I know everyone is not a poet so I am posting my precious gem that is my poems here. If you have feelings for someone but having a hard time conveying them then you can take the help of these poems. Don’t let this occasion i.e. Valentine’s Day go to waste and impress your loved one by these poems. Here is a collection of short poems/quotes which I wrote for my love on Valentine’s Day. God bless you all.  

1. How did I turn so lucky, How did I get you?

God sent you to my life like subtle dew!!!

No matter how much I thank god It wouldn’t be enough,

You love me unconditionally, with no ifs no buts!!

I really wonder do I deserve this love.

Do I deserve you??

Seriously I can’t figure out,

I have no clue!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Bae.


2. I hurt you and I make YOU feel bad,

, But still You love me to the moon and back

I know you won’t ever let our love fade!!

How could you love me when I have so many flaws?

You don’t deserve me. Oh, baby, you deserve applause!!

” You deserve all the love and happiness in this whole world.”


3. Let me tell you, Slowly and steadily you became my life,

My days, My nights, My heart,

My mind is all addicted to you, because of you I am alive!!

I just can’t live without you even for a day, A minute, A second!

Whenever I am with you I feel I am in heaven!

“I love you Darling, Happy Valentine’s Day.”



4. I feel I might have done something really great in past,

That is why I got you in my destiny at last !!!

I just love you and I love you from the core of my heart.

I am gonna be with you forever. Only death can do us apart.

“Please accept my love my Valentine and make me the happiest man on earth.”


5. You are my love and you are my life,

I can’t gush enough about it,

There is no doubt, There is no strife!

You are my destiny and my fate,

I can’t live without you and that’s my final take!

I am so grateful that god embraced me with your Love. Let’s take a step further on this Valentine’s day and be with each other forever and ever.


Dear Love,

On this Valentine Day I want to tell you how do I feel about you?

6. If you are with me nothing could go wrong,

You are my life’s most melodious song !

I love you and i love you more,

I know you are never gonna leave me,

This is one thing about which i am 1000% sure !!

You are My last chance,my last hope !!

Now there is nothing which i cant cope !


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-Chitrangi Sharma



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