Uran Alert : Everything you need to know about the brave kids who reported the armed suspects


  Uran Alert : How quick thinking of students of Uran educational society got the forces into action ! As we are aware by now that a high Alert was issued along the Mumbai coast and surrounding areas after a group of armed men wearing Pathani suits were spotted near Uran, Raigad. What is commendable here is that fact it was three schoolchildren who caught sight of the alleged armed man and informed the school authorities right there and then. Such drop of the hat awareness prompted the agencies to swing into action and a High alert was issued. Police have also issued the sketch of one of the suspect and circulated it amongst all the investigating agencies. We Mumbaikars haven’t forgotten the 26/11 incident and our wounds are still fresh. I hope this incident doesn’t turn out to be another 26/11 incident or even if it is then the agencies better step on the gas and the stop of  the alleged terrorists in time. But the fact that attracted my attention was the breakneck gesture by a couple of teenage students who in spite of their tender age understood the severity of this dangerous situation and decided to inform their teachers in the nick of the time. They knew the results of this could be deadly and not only affect their school but can cause damage on a large magnitude. Yesterday itself an incident came to my notice where a man brutally muttered a girl in the broad daylight and dozens of people passed by but nobody thwarted into action to help the victim. She was brutally stabbed twenty-one times by a scissor and died on the spot. And on the other hand, there are these young 15 something children who swung into action as quick as a flash even on a slight suspicion. Children are touted as the future of the country and if such children are our country’s future then I feel a sigh of relief. We read such heart-rending apathetic news about our country every day in which people were thrown out of the bus because someone travelling with them died or someone was forced to carry their loved one’s dead body because they couldn’t get an ambulance. There are Tittle tattles on Mothers killing their own daughter for a son or rapes of small innocent girls who don’t even know the meaning of rape. Amongst all these negativity surrounding us, this news actually made me see the silver lining of these dark clouds surrounding our society. These kids are like a diamond in the rough who understood their responsibility and took the initiative unlike us, the so-called adults who think to turn a blind eye to a girl being stabbed or leaving an accident victim on the road dying is the new age’s maturity & level-headedness. I hope this situation is duly handled and we all stay safe. Even our Chief minister has also urged us not to panic and keep calm. Maharashtrian Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis tweeted the following message. image Meanwhile, all the coastal areas are on high alert and forces have been asked to act rapidly on any suspicious activity. Multi-agency search operations are also going on in full force aftermath of tip off by the brave kids of Uran educational society, Raigad.   Also, Read An Open letter to the man who mercilessly murdered the so called love of his Life by stabbing her multiple times !


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