These Tv shows prove that 90’s was a good time to Live !


I am a 90’s Kid. I love being born in an era where everything was so honest to goodness , so new and we use to cherish those little things we had. There were no PSP’s or Pokemon go and the only thing we were addicted to was our huge “Idiot box”. We didn’t know there is something called the Internet and the only thing we used the computer was to play games such as “Dave”,“Solitaire” and occasionally use paint. Initially, we had no cable connection and our only source of entertainment apart from those good old games was “Doordarshan” or as we fondly called it”DD1″. Although few years after that we got that Oh so hyped cable connection as well. I was surfing YouTube for something when I came across a video from a 90’s Tv show. I became so nostalgic after watching it that it brought with it so many memories of my favourite Tv shows of 90’s and early 20’s which I grew up watching. Lets jog down your memory and take a stroll down some TV shows of 90’s which made us go all ga ga over them :-

1. Chandrakanta

Huge sets, weird hairstyles ,faces smeared with pounds of makeup ,absurd plots,magic everything was so over the top and yet we liked watching this show like crazy. I still remember initially it used to telecast on Sunday and we desperately loitered for it. Although our young minds were too young to completely understand the story lines of it but no matter what we still watched it liked a hawk for the pretty costumes of princess Chandrakanta and the “kroor” laugh of equally kroor “kroor Singh.”  




2. Jassi Jaisi koi Nhi

Our very own Indian “Ugly Betty ” was none other than dorky faced Jassi who donned everything from head to toe which shouts dorkyness , Her large rimmed glasses , extra loose fit clothes , her awkward hairstyle ,braces. But she was a brilliant employee and landed up a job in a top fashion house. This was a story of her struggles , her complicated love life and how she proved her mettle. Moreover, as It always happens she gets a glam makeover and a happy’s ending. We enjoyed her struggles as she fought her way in between those extremely pretty looking girls and still conquered not only professionally but personally as well by wooing her handsome boss “Arman”. Oh ! The simple world and good old days.   jasi

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3.SURAAG – The clue

Our very own Sherlock Homes Inspector Bharat and his assistant Nitin Srivastav went on a spree to solve innumerable unsolved cases. They were endowed with an exceptional ability to solve multiple murder mysteries.This fictional TV show was so popular that it enjoyed the highest TRP ratings for months. The presentation, Inspector Bharat aka Sudesh berry’s body language and unexpected twists and turn made us remain literally glued to the screens. This was the first detective drama series to enjoy this much acclaim and popularity there making this genre popular on Indian TV.

4. Ahaat

“Ahaaat” the name itself made us kids filled with fear and creeps. This was the first horror series which enjoyed so much popularity and remain On -air for about 10 years last being 2015. Ahaat had all the fear factors ranging from paranormal activities to ghosts ,From witches to vampires. I still remember after each episode of “Ahaat” we avoided going under a peepal or a neem tree fearing there might be ghost there. See that was the jitter of the show.

5. SHANTI – ek aurat ki kahani

Shanti was one of the popular drama series which has so much drama in it and we couldn’t even Keep account if it .There were so many secrets, illicit relationships, illegitimate sons and daughters, abductions, complicated twists and turns which made us really hard to remember what the show was about. But still we use to watch it for pretty curly haired girl with broad bindis “shanti “, For all the hidden secrets of Kamesh and Raj. Shanti enjoyed it’s fair share of acclaim.

6. Malgudi days –

Awwwww…The good old Malgudi days. Little Swami and his cute antics not only made us addicted to this show but also inspired us. Although swami wasn’t there in all the episodes but I wished him to be casted in all of them. This show was all about simplicity and shot in an actual village and that was the reason we could connect with it so well.

7. Shaktimaan

“Shaktimaaaaaan, Shaktimaaaaaan ,Shaktimaaaaan.”Humming it’s tiltle track. Our very own Indian superhero Shaktimaan who lived in disguise as Pandit Gangadhar took our hearts away from the very first day of its airing. His attractive red coloured attire , his way of flying by holding a finger up and then “cup cup cup cup ” and he flew away ,his “Choti Choti Magar Moti baten” hypotonised us so much so that we couldn’t afford to miss a single episode even. I always had either stomach ache or head ache on every Saturday so that I could skip school and watch it. And then the makers easied up even this problem and Shaktiman to telecast every Sunday and rest is history. I never got it why the show was concluded inspite of its huge popularity.   mukesh-khanna-gangadhar-shaktimaan



8. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

The constant bickering of Maya over Monisha not being hi class, Monisha’s unfazed attitude, Roshesj’s infamous poems, Love – hate relationship of indravadan and maya made the sitcom so much fun to watch that even though if we try, we can never get it out of our head. And I am glad that we were the ones to watch it the first time it was aired. It has become even more popular with time that even youngsters who hasn’t seen it are watching it over Internet. Meanwhile I heard that it is coming back as a web series.A big yeaaaaaaiiiii !

9. Khichadi

Undoubtedly khichadi was one of the most funniest shows ever. The great “Parekh family ” boasted of dim witted Praffuuul and his innocent wifey Hansa who knew nothing and trusted on his husband for any kind of explanation to anything. Then there were hotheaded Babuji to gossip monger Jayashree. Her brother Himanshoo fondly referred to as “Himansoooo”. The only sane persons in the family were the kids Jacky and Chakki. And their even more hilarious catchphrases. •Praful – Hansaa,Mai hoon na. •Hansa- Hello ! How are? Khana khake jana Han . •Jayashree – Babuujiiii….!! Those were the days when humour doesn’t only comes out of double meaning jokes and taking a dig at anything and everything thereby humiliating them.

10. Mungerilal ke Haseen sapne

This one is my personal favourite. Story of a simple govt.clerk Mungerilal who is pestered both at his office and home by his boss and his wife. His only “Me time” was his sleep where he had his own world and had multiple dreams in which he can be whoever he wants. He could fulfil his suppressed desires and do whatever he want to. Sometimes he was a super hero and on the other times a heart throb of his women of dreams. All these situations made the sitcom so fun to watch.

11. Surabhi

A one of a kind documentary sort of show in Indian television history hosted by Renuka shahne and Siddharth Kak which revolved around depiction of Indian culture and traditions. Actually this was the show which actually initiated my interest in travelling since there was a section of the show where they use to televise unusual facts about different places. I still remember I came to know about Dead Sea via “Surabhi” only. Also there was a contest in the end in which we have to send the answers vis postcards and my mother won one time. I mean can we even imagine now going through all the encumbrance of sending an answer via postcard but people did. Now a days people are so occupied to send a single text even.

12. Chitrahar

And at last but not the least our Pandora Box for songs,our very own Chitrahaar. Those were the days where either you had a radio playing a single channel or a weekly Chitrahaar on Doordarshan aka DD1 to see songs comprising of different movies. Even though we have myriads of FM channels nowadays but still we couldn’t find one good song playing on them and then there was a weekly Chitrahaar on which each song was relished by the whole family. Unlike today’s futuristic gadgets like I pad etc there was a element of surprise that which song is gonna be next and if that turned out to be our favourite or a comparatively new won then the level of happiness was incomparable.  

We have grown up and came a long way  but still whenever I recall all these things I feel like that was some other life or some other planet which had all those things. Now I am not scared by any Ahaat , I don’t favour Jassi since we are all busy in body shaming her,fun for us is insulting others,there is no Shaktimaan Cz kids are already smart enough to need an Indian superhero. But even with these newfangled arrangements surrounding us, I don’t know why I miss the old times , the old Tv ,Old DD1 and DD2,all these old shows ,the old world and the old me.

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