Thank you Abhay Deol for Preaching that Unfair is Lovely Too!


Abhay Deol is one of the rare actors of Bollywood industry who do not bite their tongue when it comes to social issues. He is not only insanely good looking but an owner of intellectual mind too. Previously too Abhay has  has been outspoken on many issues condemning stereotypes in Hindi movies and justification of stalking as one of the ways to ‘woo a girl.  abhay   Recently In the wake of BJP MLA Tarun Vijay’s statement that called South Indians as black, Abhay Deol did not shy away from taking sarcastic digs on stars who happen to endorse fairness creams and in a way supporting the ‘Fair is lovely’ mindset. In a series of sarky Facebook posts, Abhay bashed Bollywood stars ranging from SRK to shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor to Vidhya Balan for endorsing fairness creams. It was good to see someone from ‘Oh so diplomatically correct’ Bollywood actually opening their mouth against something wrong . Not only this, this member from ‘Deol’ clan of Bollywood also applauded those Bollywood stars like Kangana Ranaut, Ranbir Kapoor, and Randeep Hooda who refused hefty amounts offered to them to sell fairness creams, choosing not to endorse the ‘Fair obsession’.   

Check out Abhay Deol’s hilarious Facebook  posts here: 

 blank      blank       Dark skinned, Dusky, Black, Brown, ” Sanwali ” by whatever name called a dark-skinned person is always at the receiving end of bad taste jokes, weird stares, partiality and unwanted sympathy. Since the birth to their whole lifetime, dusky people have had to tolerate a lot for their color in spite of being no fault of them. Our society is pathetically obsessed with being white or as we call it fair and stars endorsing such creams only add in promoting this phenomenon. We are so glad that finally someone from the Bollywood industry took stand against stars endorsing such misleading ads, that propagate the wrong idea to their Lakhs and crores of fans. More power to you Abhay Deol for understanding that unfair is lovely too.   blank

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