Ten hilarious jokes about the epic 500, 1000 rupees note Ban, Mr. Modi you again did what nobody else could!


A compilation of Ten hilarious jokes which are doing the rounds on Internet and watsapp  Since the news of our prime minister Narendra Modi’s epic scheme on ban of 500 and 1000 rupees note broke! The entire country has been discussing nothing but the never thought about huge step to curb black money. 

1. One 9/11 terrorised America and one 9/11 terrorised India.

2. Surgical strike on housewives black-money. Now will come to know that how much home minister has hidden.


3. Again… 2016 will be remembered for : -Leo -RIO -JIO – Hotspot dio* And – Bhai, 100-100 k 10 dio.


4. *Dont worry friends*

*I will accept all your Rs.500 and Rs.1000 Notes without asking any question

@Rs.12 per Kg.


Image: scoop whoopfilmy

5. News channels have prepared for trump and Clinton. Modi came out of syllabus !


6. Dear, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, We don’t care about you anymore. Our Prime Minister dropped a NUCLEAR BOMB tonight.

Americans counting votes, Indians counting notes.


7. Sab se jyada problem to Big Boss k contestants ko hone wali h Un becharo ko to pata bhi nhi bahar kya chal raha h Jab tak bahar aayenge, tab tak sab khatam.

8. ” Gharwalo ka phone Aya hai, keh rahe hai koi tujhe 500/- ka note de to Mat Lena Aur koi tere se le to mana mat krna “

9. Pollution in Delhi rises after people spotted burning their black money.

Finally one on a serious note !

10. One serious request to all please do not exchange Rs 500 or 1000 with your local sabji wala , small vendors, thela wala, they may not be aware the fact and may not hold a bank account too. It may be complete loss to them .

I know u hav forwarded dozens of jokes. Forwarding this will help many poor people.

And please if you face any small vendor or anyone whom you think will not aware about the same then share the above information .



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