Sonu Nigam says I am not a Muslim, Why do I need to be woken up by ‘Azaan’?

sonu nigam

Sonu Nigam has caused quite a stir on social media from his series of tweets wherein he complained about ‘Azaan’ (A kind of Muslim prayer done by the muezzin of a mosque, five times a day, usually broadcast on a loudspeaker).He tweeted about being forcefully woken up by the morning prayers at mosque and touted it as ‘forced religiousness’. Acclaimed Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, spoke against the use of loudspeakers for religious purposes adding that he is against noise pollution from temples and other religious places as well. Nigam said that he didn’t believe that temples or ‘Gurdwaras’ should use loudspeakers either. ‘Not a Muslim, why should I be woken by the Azaan,’ Tweeted Sonu Nigam and then carried forward his rant against such devices being used to propagate ‘forced religiousness,’. He also labelled these practices as   ‘Goondagardi. sonu nigam As expected Sonu Nigam’s tweets opened a Pandora box of discussion on Twitter, with many bolstering him up and many other bashing him for his opinion. The debate took a religious turn soon with many pointing out the use of loudspeakers in almost every Hindu festival, plenty others labelling him as ‘Anti-Muslim’. Even a hashtag #boycottsonu started trending. sonu nig Albeit all this debate on ‘forced religiousness’ over singer’s tweet, Actor Sonu Sood got misidentified in place of Sonu Nigam and users trolled Actor Sonu Sood instead of Sonu Nigam. Recently somewhat similar thing happened in the case of Snapchat row wherein people started uninstalled Snapdeal app because of similarity in names. Now Twitter can’t clarify between the two Sonus and Sonu Sood’s image and the handle is being used by Twitter use’s in some posts.   blank   sonu nigm


In a rather unexpected turn of events, Sonu called up a press conference at his home and got his head shaved off  by a Muslim hairstylist Alim Hakim. He did so in response of a ‘Fatwa’ issued against him and also to clarify that he was misconstrued and the issue was blown way out of proportion.


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