Sonam Kapoor brings her A-game to Cannes : Check out her Cannes looks here!

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is the last Indian actress to lead Indian fashion bandwagon at Cannes red carpet this year. After various drool worthy looks by Cannes rookie Deepika Padukone and and Cannes pro Aishwarya Rai, the fans were eagerly waiting to see what Sonam has in her bag for Cannes appearance.

Sonam is always known to bring her A-game to Cannes. Although the first two looks of Sonam were rather down played at Cannes but her rose gold Ellie Saab number was something sure to stand out. Nevertheless, Sonam has herself mentioned the fact that she and her stylist sister rhea couldn’t get much time to prepare for Cannes since they were busy with their own “rheason” brand launch.

For her first Cannes appearance Sonam wore a unicorn Colored saree with a sporty crop top. Subsequently, Ms. Kapoor was seen in a classic rose gold Elie Saab number paired up with ‘Kalyan Jewellers’ matching jewellery.

Later on sonam was seen in a boho inspired Anamika Khanna separated with a turban filled by an icy white cape dress. Sonam’s recent appearance has been in a mint green dress that is kinda complicated to define though. We guess fashion is complicated concept in itself. Let’s explore Sonam’s different looks at Cannes 2017 :-

Sporty Spice


Sonam’s first Cannes 2017 appearance.
Of Pinks and golds!
sonam 2
Sonam Kapoor in a custom Elie Saab number.

Makeup on fleek!

Not to mention Sonam’s gorgeous jewellery is just wow.
The Boho Queen!
We so love the Turban!
Sonam Kapoor in Anamika Khanna seperates.
All matchy matchy with the ocean!
Sonam looking fairytale-esque.
Is that a saree or a dhoti or a gown?
Hard to figure out noe!
P.S. – Sonam’s Jootis though! ❤
We shall update you with her final look soon
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