Ouch! Snapchat CEO Thinks India is Too Poor to Consider Expansion!


Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel do not reckon India as a country worth investing in. Now this might come as a shocker for all the Indian snapchat lovers.

While the Indian users have been going ‘ ga ga’ over the app,He said that India is too ‘poor a country’ for his company to consider investing in. One of the Snapchat ex-employee Anthony Pompliano told an  American website’s ‘Variety’ that the Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel was not keen in expanding the business in ‘poor countries like India and Spain’.

These comments were in the response to a suggestion given by Pompliano wherein he advised to focus on expending the app to fast growing countries like India and Spain.

“This app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain,” he said.


Even Spain comes under the category of poor company according to Evan. Pompliano who was hired from Facebook to increase Snapchat’s growth had also accused Snapchat of misleading investors by misinterpreting statistics on user data.

Whereas other tech giants like Google, Facebook, Instagram have been focussing on India since it’s going through a tantalizing internet revolution with various reports suggesting that Indians use one of the largest share of mobile data in the world, Snapchat’s CEO statement paints a whole different picture altogether.

Pompliano has filed a lawsuit in the court against Snapchat, accusing the later of misleading investors to garner good responses for its initial public offerings.

Whereas matters are still pending in court and are yet to reach to a conclusion, one thing is for sure Indian snapchat users are feeling hurt over Evan’s statement and many of them has uninstalled the app as well. According to an article published at ‘exchange4media.com’ Snapchat holds 9 percent market share in India. Meanwhile, Snapchat and its CEO Evan Spiegel have been mercilessly trolled and roasted on social media.

Howbeit, in a hilarious goof-up users misunderstood Indian e-commerce giant Snapdeal with snapchat’s and downgrade later’s ratings and uninstalled the app.

There is a saying m that goes by when two Bulls fight, crop gets destroyed and somewhat similar reaction occurred in snapchat row with snapdeal bearing the fury of social media users instead of Snapchat. On the other hand Evan Spiegel snapchat CEO has dended making any of the above mentioned comments.

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