An open letter to the ‘Parents’ who ruined their child’s life!


An open letter to the ‘Parents’ who ruined their child’s life!


Dear Parents (Although I am ashamed to call you so),

So, you killed your daughter’s husband and with that you killed her happiness, her family, that widow mother’s only hope of life, her only shoulder to cry on and Not to mention your own family too. What did this disgusting act gave you? Your fake honour? Did it satiate your ‘above anything else’ ego?
Not once you thought about that poor girl who has taken birth from your own womb, whose entire universe was that happy go lucky man whom you mercilessly shot dead. Didn’t it occurred to you once that she was pregnant? That it was the time for her to start her own family like you did years back. Didn’t you thought about that old lady, mother of your son in law whose husband already passed away and her son was her only will to live?
You are also parents of a son, it didn’t pinched you once that  the man was also somebody’s son? Everybody loved Amit and his charismatic persona. Moreover, he loved your daughter with all his might and main and that’s the reason that he married her. They had a happy life, A happy world but you ‘shame of the parents’ doomed it and made it hell.

And the most horrific fact is the mother of the girl was also involved in the murder of his son-in-law Amit. You are a mother yourself, were you a mother of your son only, not your daughter? You stood by your husband for 30 years, even in this heinous murder plan. But not once you thought that your daughter was also doing the same. Standing by her husband. And you punished her this way for doing what every ideal woman would do? I repeat Standing by her husband. You might be happy that at least you didn’t killed her and spared her but no you are wrong. You killed her spirit, her soul. Now she is alive but merely as a living dead body.
We see honour killings happening in villages but it was a full fledged honour killing in this so called developed city Jaipur. You know people blame new generation all the time. ‘Ajkal ke bache’ are like this, like that. But no it’s not the youth who is always at fault but such parents too who see nothing ahead of their ego, their obstinacy of letting things happen their way or they won’t think twice before snatching away their kid’s happiness.


 People read news of children leaving their parents in old age homes and start condemning such ‘Kalyugi’ kids but never for once thought what their parents might have did to them to deserve such treatment. Supreme Court gives a decision that a man can divorce his wife of she wants to seperate from his husband’s parents and everyone on social media goes into a frenzy of delight. People share such news on social media, send forwarded messages on watsapp congratulating but for once did they ponder that what a living hell you create for your son and daughter in law and still expect them to live in that? You (Parents) constantly force your desires, Your ‘Zids’ to be more precise onto your kids and want them to live your way. You think you only torture your daughter in law but remember it’s your son who suffers the most in this mud slinging game of exploiting his wife. He had to continuously suppress his emotions and listen to everybody and as a result he becomes hollow and unhappy from inside for good.
You want them to pursue a career of your choice, you want them to wear clothes of your choice, you want them to marry the spouse of your own choice (Even though many of you were  not able to love your own partner and compromised whole life), even do everyday chores according to you.
You can never fathom the fact that they have grown up and that they have a life of their own to live according to how they want.
You are always whining about the fact that you did this or you did that when you were our age but why do you want us to go through the same? If you endured so many problems, shouldn’t this be the ideal situation that you shouldn’t let us go through the same ? But no, nothing is prima Donna apart from your illogical values. You see, a cycle is often repeated but you can choose not to repeat the cycle of defeat that caused you to despise what your father did to your or what your mother in law did to her daughter in law. You need not do the same.

This letter is for all the parents out there who are killing their children out of their ‘We are right’ attitude.

Many a times a gun shot is not needed to kill a body, rather your actions can do the same. Parents who pressurised their kids for studies so much so that their kid opted for suicide, parents who didn’t let their kids do love marriage, Parents who impose their whole sole unnecessary wishes on their kids, In laws who are living their married kid’s life a living hell, Remember! You are all slowly murdering your child. Please don’t be a victim of ‘We are right attitude’ and kill your ego before it kills you and your family.

You may have kids, but this does not make you a parent. It is up to the parents of a child to put effort, selflessness, acceptance, flexibility and reassurance. Remember true love doesn’t demand anything in return. And if you are raising your child merely in hope of a better future and expecting your children will be the puppets of your orders then I am sorry you are failing it big time as a parent.
Your ‘Kalyugi Children’.
P.S. – My hands were shivering while writing this article since amit was our neighbour and a mutual friend. He was such a jolly natured person always happy to help and was liked by all. No love story deserves such a tragic ending. Let’s all unite and put our best efforts to ensure that Amit gets justice and those monstrous killers are behind the bars soon.

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