Nine Things that send Us Into An Instant Nostalgic Coma!


There are some things which are happy and sad at the very same time. Certain Memories from our past which make us numb and yearn so desperately to echo back to that time. Today We are harking back to those bits and pieces stretching from our old school to our grandparent’s house that gave us so many positive memories. Doodahs which were so sweet as well as dismal in a good sense. Souvenirs from the past which sends you into an instant nostalgic coma. Let’s take a look at that handful of memories which have the power to make you all nostalgic and oblivious, Things That sends us into an instant nostalgic coma:-


1. Our Old school

Oh yeah, this is one of the things which can make even a 60-year old yearn for their school days. Doesn’t matter if the school was good or bad but everyone remembers it with equal fondness. The other day I passed through my school after five years and it made me all melancholic. A school is a place where we not only spend a fair share of our time but also it shapes up our personality the way it is today.



2. Ancestral house

Many of us spent our nonage in a separate house and then, later on, shifted to some other house or another city. We did leave our childhood home but the memories of that house quite never left us. Don’t a visit to your old house leave us reliving those memories and makes us go all sentimental over it?

3. Our favourite old song

It might be one song or multiple songs. Doesn’t it happen that whenever we hear an old song it brings back with it so many memories and we are transported to that same era? Those ‘crushes’ we had while imagining them in those romantic songs our long lost affairs. Things which happened around that song start coming back to us and we are left with nothing but those sweet-sour memories.


4. An encounter with the long-lost childhood buddy

We all have a best friend in life but it’s not necessary that your childhood best friend is still your best friend. We often have different best friends during different phases of life. When we come across our long lost childhood bestie whether in real life or the virtual world does fill us with a strange sense of nostalgia and we realise things have changed a big deal.


5. The College

Just like school, even the college occupies a special place in a person’s heart. It is that place where you spent your last days of carefree life and fun. After that, it has all been no time and only work, work and work. Let’s take a walk down those hangout points in and around college. Those ‘Tharis’ and hidden bunking points, those days when you literally owned the college. A revisit to your college will literally send you into an instant nostalgic coma. God forbid if you go to your favorite hang out college points with your old buddies. It is surely gonna revive all your nostalgic buds.



6. Your favourite pair of an attire

Remember that piece of clothing which was so dope at that time and you use to feel nothing less than a superstar in that. With the time that fashion faded away but still, you couldn’t bring yourself to terms with giving away your favorite garment or throwing it away. Once it resurfaces during cleaning your closet Doesn’t it make you feel stupid but euphoric at the same time?


7. First Job

The first job holds a special place in a person’s life. It was something which not only brought us face to face with the real world but taught us so much. It handed so many good and bad memories. Anyways the first job is still special, that first paycheck, feeling of becoming something, using the word my office. Doesn’t it tickle our nostalgic pinks, unless of course, it wasn’t a pleasant one.

8. Stumbling upon your first ex/crush after long on Facebook

So you were scrolling through Facebook randomly and you came across your ex’s/first crush’s profile on Facebook. He/she might be happily married with kids or might have turned super hot or opposite, into an ugly mature person. Anyhow this encounter brings with it so many memories and a strange sensation of kitsch.


9. The First ride

Whether it be a Maruti 800 car or your old scooter. Our first vehicle always holds a special place in our life. Our first ride/Drive gives us a feeling of independence and liberation. It is always unforgettable. A few days back I saw a scooter similar to our first scooter and it made me reminiscing over those happy days when that scooter was no less than a car to us.

We have matured up now and the scenario has totally changed, However still If I encounter any of the above-mentioned things it fills me with a sort of an emptiness and regrets that where did all those good old days go? Although it had have to pass someday but why? I mean why so soon?


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