Low floor Terror: Low floor kills a 19 year old near Rambagh circle, injures a girl!

Low floor Terror

      Low floor Terror: Low floor kills a 19 year old near Rambagh circle, injures a girl!
 In a painful incident, a low floor bus killed a 19 year old coaching student and dragged another pedestrian, a girl, for about 35 feet on Tuesday. The deceased has been identified as Vishal geo babu who lived in Malviya Nagar and the injured girl as Vandana Kumari.
 The accident took place near Rambagh circle at around 4.32 pm when a speeding low floor bus first hit the girl and dragged her for 35 feet and later hit vishal who succumbed to his injuries. The onlookers were in horror when they witnessed the horrendous incident but were quick to the rescue of the injureds. They collectively lift the bus up to pull out the girl who was miraculously saved but unfortunately vishal couldn’t be rescued. The low-floor bus was on its way to Sanganer from Ajmeri Gate.


Even after hitting vishal and Vandana, the bus didn’t stopped and rammed into old Passport Office building and stooped otherwise there could have been more casualties.




The video of the sad incident is doing the rounds on the social media and is a live corroboration of this deadly terror we know as low floor buses surrounding the Jaipur roads.Police have registered an FIR against the driver and conductor of the bus in the charges of rash and negligent driving.


This is not the first time, low floor buses have caused an  accident in the city. Lately, many incidents are being reported wherein low floor buses have either caught fire or hit a person or another. This buses are allotted a set time duration to complete the distance from one point to another owing to which they are always in a hurry driving dangerously. We are sure we all might have encountered   Atleast one incident in the city when we were saved by hitting the low floor bus by a minute chance. However! Everyone is not that lucky and specially two wheeler riders and pedestrians are at a greater risk.

 The low-floor buses were introduced to replace the rickety mini buses but alas! Now they are heading on to the same reckless race and that too in a more dangerous way owing to their size. It’s only been a few years and the increasing number of breakdowns have come as an eye-opener.
 There is nothing more important than human lives. Luckily Vandana survived but not the other victim vishal. His friends have been mourning his death on social media and it pains our heart to see a 19 year old lad sacrificing his life due to the recklessness of the low floor buses. We urge government to take stringent action against the accused and the machinery so that such mishaps are not repeated in future.


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