10 TV shows which were every 90’s kid’s favourite


There was a time when our very own Tv had the status of “the wonder box “.It could transport us to different worlds in a go and we just looked at it all hypnotised thinking that all these things are for real and that there are actually fairies and angels who come to aid us in difficult times and maybe there is a magical pencil indeed.One of our friends might be a robot in disguise and that superheroes are for real and if we do anything wrong they will find it out and will forbid us and then we will say “Sorry Shaktiman ” and will behave like a good boy / girl. Ah ! Those innocent times and those memories.Here is a list of my favourite shows as kids which we watch growing up and which had a great role in shaping up our personalities today.Get Ready to ride the nostalgia train :-

1. Shaka Laka boom boom

My first and foremost favourite “Shaka Laka boom boom “.Tales of Sanju and his Magical pencil made every child wish that they might get hold of that magical pencil somehow and then they can draw whatever they want and it will appear in front of them. Doesn’t it ?

2. Karishma ka Karishma

Our very own Indian version of small wonder had a pretty faced robot disguised in the form a cute little girl named Karishma.Being a robot she was so innocent to repeat everything whatever her parents / makers said.Her naughty brother who is always asking for trouble and the robot sis always saving him out of such tricky situations proving to be the boon of his life. I remember how I always wished having a robot sister like Karishma.

3. Shararat – Thoda Jaadu, Thodi nazakat

Story of a lady ,her daughter and her granddaughter trio who were actually “Parees”.The youngest one(our very own Shruti Seth) being not able to use her magic properly created such bone tickling situations.Also, there was a twist on her college front , A guy which she wanna woo and a mean girl gang who turn out to be nice sometimes.The combo of all these created a hilarious treat to watch for.

4. Teletubbies

This was the cutest thing I have had ever seen until then in my entire life.There was a beautiful telly tubby land which was covered with greenery ,the sun ,colourful flowers and then there were these cute as a button telly tubbies namely Tinky-winky,Dipsy,Lala ,pooh who had a Tv on their stomach and they could and played in that beautiful telly tubby land.I literally went crazy over these when I saw them Teletubbies and I am till now .

5. Shaktimaan

Our very own first Indian superhero Shaktiman ,who wore a shiny golden and red dress and lead multiple lives as a tv journalist pandit Gangadhar and superhero who had a huge name.He became a superhero by activating his bodily chakras and also observes whenever a kid does something wrong and comes to remind kids of their mistakes.Then there were his arch rival Mr.Kilvish fondly known as Samrat “Kilvish” who was a propagator of negative energy and always keep on repeating his pledge “Andhera kayam rahe” .Oh gosh ! those days.I never understood why did its telecast stop.Then the makers tried another version of Shaktiman namely “Aryaman” which fought with aliens but sadly it couldn’t match the unwinding popularity of The great “Shaktimaaaaaan”.

6. Chutti Chutti

I don’t know how many of you might have seen this one.This program was specially telecasted during summer vacations of kids on Doordarshan in the morning.There were multiple programs under this .There was documentary sort of stories to teach kids good habits,They use to teach craft and some puppetry kind of stories.Its title song was catchy too sounding something as “Ha ha ,he he Ho gai Chutti ,Chutti Chutti.”

7. Tarang

Another such pearl of Doordarshan was Tarang.It was also an education programme specifically for kids as long as I remember produced by National child welfare board.There was an ideal child named Lakshmi who world do great deeds in villages and teach other kids too.

8. Phoolwari

An educational and informative program for kids which was hosted by Tabassum and depicted stories on environmental pollution and other such topics via puppets.It was so cute to watch and literally boggled my mind even at that age whether pollution is that much dangerous.

9. Soan pari

An adorable little girl whose mom passed away but she is protected by a pretty fairy named son pair who always wore the gold dress and had pretty wings, carried a fairy stick and his assistant named Altu always ready to protect the little girl.This show made me create a fairy stick of my own with a cardboard and paper and I always kept that with me trying to do some magic every now and then by saying Soan pari’s mantra which is on my tongue even today “ITTU BITTU GIM BATUTA”.Sadly my magic stick never worked but I always had firm belief that I would meet a fairy someday.Still waiting for that.Ha ha

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