Friendship Day quotes : Give your friends the gift of words!

friendship day quotes

Friendship day quotes to make your friends feel special on this special day. Since Friendship day is round the corner, we couldn’t help feeling a bit overwhelmed with friend’s love and this love is pouring out in the form of these writings so we thought why not post it here on our blog. We am posting some quotes for friendship day which you can use to make your friends feel a bit more special because let’s face it “Friends are life”.

Check out these amaze balls friendship day quotes:-

1.A  True Friend will always back you up irrespective of  the situation and will always stand by you.

2.A good friend will never try to dominate you or will remain indifferent to whatever you do but will always guide you and  refine you into a better person.

3.Every friend is like your ticket to an entirely new world.They take you to their different lives and make you a part of them.

4.My Life can not go on without a little help from these species called “FRIENDS”.Thanks for being here with me and for me.

5.The best cure for depression is a one on one marathon gossip session with this counseller called your “BEST FRIEND”.

6.A Friend is the best psychologist around.And the perk is it is a free ride which is absolutely complimentary.

7.Friends are like all the good flavours of a dish.If the flavours are not there the dish turns tasteless,the same way if the friends are not around life turns boring and dull.

8.Friends are the best antidepressants and antianxiety drug.

9.When I am with my friends ,There is nothing that can make me feel low.

10.My friends are my Confidence boosters,My advisors, my partner in crime,the shoulder to cry on,the place to whine on,the confession box where I can confess all my sins,My inspiration,My happiness.They don so many hats.I must say I am really lucky to have them !

11.After a certain period of time best friends start to look alike,talk alike,walk alike and live alike so much that people start assuming that they might be sisters/brother’s.

12.That awesome moment when people ask you and your bestie ” Are you sisters? “

13.Dear friend ,You were there when people questioned my choices,When this society considered me wrong,And people did bad with me.But you reaffirmed my faith in myself and made me realise that I am not entirely wrong and I am not the odd one out and that I am actually a good person.Thanks for being there with me and give me all the support when I needed it the most.

14.Friends communicate by talking,Good friends communicate via phone,very good friends communicate via watsapp but the best friends can communicate merely through their eyes and facial expressions.

15.If It not be for the relationship called Friendship this mankind  would have become extinct fighting wars.

16.The only place where you can act all lunatic without being called one is the one where you are with your friends.

17.When we are with our friends our personality changes entirely.Our body language is different ,our confidence level goes up and we are ready to take up every challenge in the world.

18.There are two kinds of personality every person possess.One is when you are with your friends and another one is for when you are with rest of the world.

19.If It were not for good friends , The number of suicides will just double up.Always be there for your friend.He/She might need you.

20.Good Friends are like a scarce source of water in a big dry desert,A wave of cool air in a summery afternoon,A single plant in fallow land,rain drops of the first rain.Friendship is so beautiful.




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