Fate of the Furious : These 8 Fast and the furious memes are all you need to cheer up your weekend!


Fate of the furious aka The Fast and the Furious franchise 8 has once again taken movie buffs by storm with its release in theaters. With its blockbuster opening The Fate of the Furious is heading towards creating a breaking record with earning $430.4 million from it’s international debut. Almost all of my Facebook friends have had already posted status about the movie. And Let us acquaint the fast and the furious fans with some more glad tidings. Kurt Russel, Dwayne Johnson, The power packed duo are expected to make a comeback in the next movies of the series. A big whoopie. Can’t believe that this is the 8th movie of the fast and the furious series. It seems like it was just yesterday when we first watched the amazing chemistry of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel on the big screen together. Anyways as an ode to 8th movie of the Fast and the furious series, Fate of the furious we decided to give you more dose of it through these funny AF memes.

1. Lol! But we must say this makes for a valid point. Such a striking similarity in fast and furious cast’s hair pattern.


2. This one is actually hilarious Af. Fat and the furious. ROFL.


3. Ha ha ha ! Sometimes we feel this is true. They forever seem to keep on changing the gear


4. No mention of Fast and furious comes without Paul walker. Why did you leave us so early Paul? Sob Sob!

It’s a sheer shame that Walker died in the car crash and it’s so sad and ironic that he died in this manner seeing his reputation with the cars

5. Now this one is my favorite! Remember the struggle to pull over and hand over the ticket to the ticker Collector?


6. Some desi dudes created this Indian version of the fate and the furious.


7. This one is for all those who didn’t happen to like fate and the furious 8.


8. Now this one is all the die hard fans of Paul walker. And we do miss you Paul. We hope that you are racing for pink slips in heaven now.


9. Future predictions for fast and the furious franchise. It will be no surprise if it ends up at moon. Ha ha !

 A big Yay! to this epic movie of all times.

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