Everyday kitchen hacks to make your rendezvous with kitchen much more romantic.


Ahh ! The kitchen is one place where I personally don’t like spending too much time.But whether I like it or not I have to devote my fair share of time preparing meals,cleaning it ,managing it etc etc.But during this tryst with a kitchen, I found some easy kitchen hacks which made my life much easier and comfortable but to forget saved a lot of time as well.Some of these were invented by me and there are some others which were recommended to me by others.I thought of sharing them all with you so that you can also become a smart kitchen manager and save loads of time and make your stay in the kitchen much more feasible.After All, today’s time is all about smart work rather than hard work so go for these hacks and stay relaxed :-   1. Always grate the ginger instead of tamping it.Not only it saves time and is less cumbersome but it gives better flavour too.You can use the same hack while making curries etc too.So next time try grating the ginger instead of tamping it.   O2. Often when we peel onions or garlic ,the skin of the onion and garlic gets scattered here and there making the kitchen messy or you might end up peeling them in a place where there is no air.To fix this mess always keep a bowl or glass full of water while peeling and put the skin of garlic or onion in that bowl or glass.The skin won’t get scattered away and the kitchen won’t get messy.Now you can easily sit in your bedroom and drawing room and peel onion wherever you like.   3. Peeling off garlic cloves take up a lot of time.Garlic is that one thing which is not only good for health but also it can add taste to any simple dish.Always buy garlic which is big in size .While peeling them off beat them twice or thrice lightly with something heavy ,a beater or something and you will see garlic skin will come out very easily.But remember this hack will work only on garlic which is big in size.   4. Not able to make that round & puffy chapati ? Don’t worry I have been there and done that.I couldn’t make those round scrumptious chapatis no matter how hard I tried then one day my mother in law told me this simple hack which made all my chapatis so puffy without any extra effort.What you need to do is thin out the corners of the chapati while rolling the dough.Remember thin out only the corners, not the entire chapati.Apply this trick and you will see all your chapatis getting puffy and soft while cooking.   5. Want your chapatis to be soft ? If you want to prepare soft chapatis add the half cup or warm milk.You can also put a pinch of sugar to make the dough soft.Another alternative could be adding three four spoons of curd but remember if you are adding curd to the dough then use that dough immediately only.Don’t keep it aside to use later.   6. Instead of using maida (bleached white flour ) to make the white sauce ,use corn flour.Not only corn flour tastes well but is healthier too.While making curries with gravy such as Shahi paneer or malai kofta,add a teaspoon of corn flour to make them more delicious.   7. While making mix dal (pulse ),wash the pulses and keep them dipped into water half an hour before frying it.Before frying the pulse ,extract all the water and sprinkle all the spices on the wet pulses,keep them like this for 10 minutes or so and then fry them in a cooker and stir them for 5 minutes.You will see the difference in the taste.   8. Whenever you use paneer out of freezer do not fry it instead boil the water in a utensil and then dip the frozen paneer into that.Not only it will keep the paneer softer and fresh but it will be healthier too.   9. While roasting the onion in less oil ,add a small teaspoonful of milk ,this won’t let the onion burn and the color of the onions will be more presentable too.Also while roasting the onion in less oil cut them in small pieces ,it will help them getting roasted easily even in less Quantity of oil.   10.Tired of squeezing the juice out of a lemon,put the lemon in warm water for a minute or so and then squeeze it effortlessly and get more juice out of it too.   These were few kitchen hacks which made my life much simpler and smarter and isn’t that is what we all want ? So follow these tips and tricks and go for smart work instead of hard work. 😀  

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