Are you a Tea addict ? The saga of a Hardcore Tea Lover!


A cold day shivering day, I desperately need my energy potion, this miraculous drink called “ Tea”. I am looking for a cup of “Tea” here and there but couldn’t find a tea cup. Exasperated tried preparing the same but I am out of tea leaves, tea bags , gas everything. Suddenly I am in a strange land. I am running like idiots and I saw a ray of hope, a gorgeous brown as a berry tea lying queenly in a white Bon China cup and I lift it up to have a slurp but wait , What ??? It suddenly vanished out of my hand and I am left with nothing but an empty mug. I shrieked loudly,  ” Oh tea AAAA AAAA “.And I woke up. What a scary dream. Proceeded directly towards the kitchen and carefully checked out the tea supplies. Everything there. A sigh of relief! Jokes apart! I am an ardent tea lover, more of a tea junkie as of now. I cannot imagine my life without Tea aka chai. Below is a list of some of the symptoms of a Tea addict. Answer these yourself and find out whether you are one or not?  

1.You cannot rise and shine without a Cuppa of tea in the morning

You need a cup of tea first thing in the morning in order to charge up your batteries and get ready to face the world. Without a cup or multiple cups for that matter you cannot bring yourself to work. You feel as if such you have no energy and this magic potion is as necessary as food, clothes and house to conquer this world. And when you sip it turns you as vigorous as fire.  

2. You cannot work your ass off without having this beguiling beverage

While working long hours it is an hourly ritual for you to have a tea shot, Starved of which you just cannot put up your inner Hercules to work.  

3 .It doesn’t matter if it is scorching summers or briskly winters you need your cup of Tea irrespective of the season

Oh! It’s so hot, let’s have a tea. Gosh! I am shivering, I must have tea. Wow, it’s raining since morning, what a beautiful weather, Perfect time to have tea. Are you one of those people who just have to have Tea regardless of the weather? This divine brew can actually twirl any weather as pleasant as a wave.  

4. You feel lethargic and turn into a sleepy head without tea?

Do all labour and no tea makes you a dosser? It seems like all your energy has been sucked out and the only remedy to get back you to your normalcy is none other than Mighty Tea. Oh boy! You fall into the category of being a tea maniac. In case you are wondering, I invented the term myself.  

5. If you take more tea breaks than pee Breaks

If a long distance road trip forces you to take more tea breaks rather than pee breaks then you perfectly fit our description of a Tea maniac aka tea addict.   having-tea_o_1112071


6. Your life seems incomplete if you haven’t had your cuppa

Does it sometimes occur to you that on the days you hadn’t had your daily dose of “chai”, you feel gloomy and sad without no reason at all? All the bad things come to your mind but once you have a Smokey pot of tea all your gloominess goes away and you are back to your chirpy self.  

7. The answer to all your health problems is one and only tea

Experiencing a headache, have tea! Got severe cold – Have tea! Menstrual cramps – Tea! No concentration – Have tea! If a solution of most of your health problems lies with then you are a Tokey ( tea Cokey) for sure.  

8. If one of your favourite hangouts points is a “Thari”

If a Thari (An Indian roadside joint specifically for tea) stand amongst your favourite hangout joints, If your friends know the foremost to look for you is a nearby Thari, If you are frequently seen at “tharis” then Bro! Without any ado let me give you the membership of Tea lovers /adductors club.  

9. You never ever say no to tea

Whenever anybody offers you a tea it becomes so hard for you to say no. After all who can say no to such a succulent piece of wonder?   tea-pic    

10.If sipping it gives you a SLURP ORGASM –

Gee! A long tiresome day at work, a flavourful cup of tea savouring of cardamom, slurping it sitting on your balcony after a day’s hard work. If even reading this gives you a sort of a slurp orgasm then I bet you are an ardent tea lover.     tea-orgasm    

11.You proudly sip it off even with your meals, At times consume as an alternate to desert

Yes, I have seen people who have tea along with their meals and then there are some who drink it as a digestif after the meal. I myself have it as a desert after every meal.  

12.If you find solace in tea lounges instead

Now a days there is a new hip version of Thari for youngsters known as Tea lounges. Here you can find hundreds of varieties of our very own “chai”. Are you always prodding your friends to hang out at a tea lounge rather than going to those old school pubs and all? You got the answer right there.  

13.If you are always looking for excuses to have tea, proposing others and not taking no for an answer –

Are you one of such people who is always looking for an excuse to sip it up, often insisting others that they have the tea so that you can guzzle it? If the answer is positive then you fulfilled another characteristic of being a hard-core tea lover.  

14. You experience terrible headaches, irritation and crankiness

If for some God forbid reason you might not get your hands in a Cuppa for the day your head starts imploding, you feel all cranky without any apparent cause. You go berserk and the people around you know that it’s better not have an encounter with you. Congratulations you successfully qualify to be in the tea addict category.   tea-pic-2

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