Another terrorist attack in Baramulla, Kashmir! Are we headed to India Pakistan war?


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According to the recent reports there has been a terrorist attack on Army and Border Security Force (BSF) camps situated in Baramulla, Kashmir. Two BSF personnel are said to be amongst the injured. Although the terrorist were not able to enter the camps but still a gun battle was going on till the time of writing this article. Two weeks ago, alleged Pakistani terrorist conducted a similar attack on Uri base and 9 soldiers were Martyred in the same. After that Indian Army claimed to have conducted a surgical strike on the Pakistani terrorists across the line of control. This attack is touted to have been a revenge attack for the same. There has been many intelligence reports signalling towards such an attack. The terrorists have been said to entered the Kashmir via Jhelum river.   image

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Meanwhile there has been constant debate within the Indian continent on Indo-Pak relationship. Amidst the growing tension between both the countries this attack gave another blow to the growing controversy surrounding the Uri attack. Even Pakistani TV shows, film actors and musicians were Banned in Indian film industry known as “Bollywood”.  In retaliation of the same all Bollywood movies and Television shows were banned in Pakistan. Nevertheless there has been a lot of people who were not in favour of this decision. It is always easy to comfortably sit at our homes and give our verdict on social media regarding the war rather than experiencing the actual situation. There has been constant ugly social media battles between people from India and Pakistan too. This attack is going to make the situation even more worse. I hope we are not heading towards a war yet again because if this is the case, the one thing which will suffer the most are the innocent lives from both the countries.

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