Oh Life! Slow down a bit : Poem on busy life


Hey life ! Will you slow down a bit ? I have a thousand things to do,

Endless dream to come true, So many promises to commit !

I wake up hasty in the morning No time to look around. I get ready like a robot to run off to a pile of work Endlessly waiting for me with no leaps no bounds.

When the alarm rings, How desperately I wish to sleep tranquilly for long. But I drag myself to wake up Since this is real life, not a happy go lucky song.

I see my love and feel like sitting with her And have a sip or two, But then who will take care of the responsibilities which are very well due?

I covet for a relaxed breakfast, But I don’t have time, Not even a second I fancy a magic which could cease time A spell to cast !

Then I embark on my everyday peregrinations, To fulfil my so called dreams ! And get lost in a crowd of hundreds like me, All moving towards a journey of endless durations.

Once I reach the war (work ) front , Everything vanishes away from my mind ! I Forget I have a life beyond this too After all I have so much to do, so many assignments lined.

There is never a sufficient time for anything, That’s why my work never seems to end  Still I carry on with this run of the mill toil And see my worthy time transcend !

Yet again I enter the throng of jaded souls, And come to my so called home ! too exhausted to do anything, Just to lie on bed, pondering weather I will have any control ?

I want to take my love on a long long drive, And have a tete a tete about random things like we use to have before ! But I can’t do that now since there is no time, No matter how hard I strive !

I fancy for an intimate dinner, Natheless of the time by to abide. But I can’t since I am always late ! And there is no one left to eat by my side.

I yearn for my childhood abode, Where my old parents reside ! I wanna be a child once again, With bountiful of infinite time No worries to rattle, No responsibilities to confide!

I wonder if this is the life I want ? Where I go to home just to slumber and come back ? I don’t even have time to be with my loved ones This drudgery of work work and work, an unwanted hunchback.

No time to sojourn, no time to speak, No time to sit back and give to those in need! Will I be reduced to a waged robot ? No, no! I don’t want this life God, I desperately wanna be freed !

  Author Chitrangi sharma Twitter handle – @chitrangilove

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