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So it was my husband’s birthday and I though what could be the best gift for him?After much pondering and ogling for different ideas, I thought why not tell him what I feel for him and that how much special he is for me.I then penned out a list of reasons on why I love him?Although there are infinite reasons on why we love our partner but still I tried to conclude them into these few:-
1. I love you  when you Wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is hug me and kiss me. 2. I love you when you hug me so tightly.I feel like we both are two bodies but a single soul. 3. I love you when you praise me for everything I prepare and never criticise.I mean each and everything. 4. I love you when you caress my forehead. 5. I love you when you come late from office and I am angry and  then you make such cute faces and my anger just melts away. 6. I love you when I  see you sleeping like a nonu baby. 7. I love you when you surprise me by giving me a chocolate every now and then. 8. I love you when you remember our anniversary every month and wish me too.
9. I love you when you never get bored of my senseless talks about anything and everything.
10. I love you when you say no baby I never get irritated by you.
11. I love you when you are drunk because at that time you open your heart out and tell me things which you       would never tell when you are sober.
12. I love the way when you hold me by my waist.
13. I love you when you take me in your embrace like a small kid when we sleep. 14. I love you when you send an I love you message out of nowhere without any reason.
15. I love you for understanding me every time and for bearing all my tantrums.
16.I love you when you kiss me before going to the office. 17.I love you -and the way you say  my baby is looking so cute.I have the best wife. 18.I love you whenever I wear something new and you notice it.
19.I love you when you take me to shopping and never forbid me to purchase anything.
20.I love you when you hold my hand while walking and even while driving. 21.I love you when you say you have a sexy ass. 22.I love you when you talk in your local dialect. 23.I love you when you workout and all hot and sweaty.
24. I love you when you put your arms around me in movie hall when I feel cold.
25. I love you when after making love you never ever forget to say I love you and then lie on my chest                 breathing heavily.
26. I love you when you mess up the house and act so innocent as if such nothing has happened.
27. I love you when you listen to my songs even though I am such a bad singer.
28. I love you when you take away things from my hand saying Let me take these things from you ,these are         heavy.
29. I love you when you embrace a peck on my cheek every now and then.
30. I love you when we are so close to each other that I can even feel your breath going inside me.
31. I just love your musky fragrance. 32. I love you when you share your innermost feelings with me. 33. I love you when you bow your head in front of god and a religious .
34. I love you when after a hectic day you say,”Aww ! my baby is so hardworking,you are so tired noe. Don’t         work so hard”  35. I love you when you make pout with me inviting me to kiss look so damn cute . 36. I love you when you go to do shopping with me and don’t feel irritated even then.
37. I love you when you make me laugh by your dumb acts even during our fight. 38. I love you when you suggest me what to wear even though you don’t know anything at all. 39. I love you when you even listen to all the drama and always side with me like you are my girlfriend. 40. In the end last but not the least I love you for everything you have done for me, For making me a better person and for making me realize what true love means. For giving me a reason to live and also for making my life a fairy tale come true.


P.S.- Inspired by my bestie’s Love letter to her husband .❤️

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