Lisa Haydon Proudly Flaunts Her Baby Bump : This is How you Celebrate Motherhood!


Times are changing and so is the way ladies handling their pregnancy. Gone are the days when ‘To be mothers’ use to feel all coy and shy about their pregnancy hiding their baby bumps beneath those loose AF clothes. After Kareena Kapoor we have one more yummy mummy from Bollywood industry who is thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy without any qualms about its public display. Leading this bandwagon now we have Lisa Haydon who after announcing her pregnancy in the ‘Beyonce’ style now has posted a picture of her full fledged baby bump in a bathtub. In the past too Lisa have been proudly seen flaunting her baby bump.
Lisa Haydon rose to fame with ‘Queen’ movie and famous ‘Manali trance’ song. She married her beau Dino Lalvani, son of famous businessman Gullu Lalvani last year and is expecting a baby soon.
In her current Instagram post Lisa, can be seen relaxing in her bathtub, flaunting her baby bump without any inhibitions. Also, A previous Instagram post of Lisa shows her wearing a bikini and caressing her baby bump while on an all-girls vacation. We are really glad that times are changing and pregnancy is not being treated as a sort of disease now a days with so many restrictions on the future mom. Bollywood beauties like Kareena and Lisa are giving modern Indian women some serious pregnancy goals.
liza                                                                                                                                                                                                 image source:-instagram/lisahaydon

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