How to get rid of dark circles and under eye bags ? Effective natural remedies

 A lady can kill with her smile and wound with her eyes. While writing this article recollecting the words of famous American musician billy Joel. And I have had to side with him. Eyes are a reflection of a person's beauty.
And Dark Circles are the biggest enemies of these beautiful eyes. It not only ruins the allure of your eyes but also Deglam the face. Here I am listing few home doable treatm...

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Wear sarees the ‘Hat-ke’ way : Let’s take your saree look a notch higher!

Saree is undoubtedly the most sexiest piece of clothing ever. No matter how Modern' we become but when it comes to the weddings, there is no couture that can beat saree. While wearing sarees although the the usual way does sound awesome but why not take things a notch higher and wear sarees but in a totally 'Hat-ke' way. We stalked the saree looks of our favourite celebs and got these offbeat sa...

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Deepika Padukone looked like a million bucks on Day 1!
Deepika Padukone

So, The favourite time of the year for fashion buffs is here and we are literally hot to trot with our cellphones ready. There is nothing more we love than drooling over our favourite star's outfits, makeup and hairstyles. And our very own dippy aka Deepika Padukone did not disappoint us. Deepika made her first appearance in Cannes 2017 with a hot red gown and then changed into a cute peach ensemb...

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28 Fashion Quotes to Swear By!
Fashion Quotes

                                          28 Fashion Quotes to Swear By!
Time for some Fashion Quotes inspiration ladies! Add on to some Fashion swag into your everyday lives with these swanky, stylish and on fleek Fashion quotes. Fashion is actually a marvel that metamorphose our ordinary lives into something spectacularly glamorous and these fashion quotes depict the same. ...

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Winter dressing: Eight must have winter essentials this season!

Oh, Winter! I adore you so much. This is that time of the year where we get to dress up all regal and elegant in those larger than life overcoats, swaggy boots, and chic caps without showing much of the skin. Visits to the beauty salon are not that frequent, furthermore not as much of sweat so the makeup is there for full 7-8 hours. For a zaftig like me, winters are a life savior for the reason ...

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How to stop hair fall? Home remedies to take hold of the hair fall situation

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                                                How to stop hair fall? Some Home remedies to take hold of the hair fall situation

Those strands of hairs falling here and there are every girl’s biggest nightmare. Seeing at that luscious hair mercilessly parting away from your head is nothing less than a living catastrophe. And when it...

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How to pack light yet fashionably right while traveling to cold weather places?

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How to pack light luggage yet fashionably right while traveling to cold weather places?

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So I recently went on to my first ever winter trip to Himachal Pradesh, India. A beautiful place situated in the embrace of the Himalayas which remain cold even during scorching summers. Although I have had...

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How to apply lipstick? Some tips and tricks to get those celebrity like Voluptuous Lips

                                                How to apply lipstick?
Lipstick is that one extra mundane fashion accessory which can metamorphose your otherwise plain look within minutes. There is no other cosmetic as powerful as a lipstick which can revamp you into a Diva within no time. I can't ever imagine going out without a tinch of lipstick. But like any other cosme...

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How to lose Weight? Follow these easy peasy tips to get back into Shape

                                                  How to lose Weight?
Losing weight is one of the most hard pressed tasks in this world. I know none of us wants to gain those extra kilos and look fat but most of the time there are a lot of situations in life which go haywire and we gain weight. Most of the time we don't even realize it but when the clothes start to ...

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How to look stylish?Eight fashion hacks to turn you into a Fashion Diva
How to look stylish

                   How to look stylish? Eight fashion hacks to turn you into a Fashion Diva
1 . Heels
Oh yes ! I know a lot have been written about the mighty heels aka shoes and these glorifications are not mere exaggerations. This is a thousand percent true fact that heels give you and your personality an instant lift both in literal and figurative terms. Not only heels make your bod...

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