Winter dressing: Eight must have winter essentials this season!


Oh, Winter! I adore you so much. This is that time of the year where we get to dress up all regal and elegant in those larger than life overcoats, swaggy boots, and chic caps without showing much of the skin. Visits to the beauty salon are not that frequent, furthermore not as much of sweat so the makeup is there for full 7-8 hours. For a zaftig like me, winters are a life savior for the reason that my flab doesn’t need to play peekaboo with my clothes. Especially winters 2016 are going to be so splendid as there are so many amazing fashion trends which are in vogue this season. Below is a list of those winter essentials which are a craze this time of the year. Every fashion loving girl must possess at least one of these:-  

1.Combat boots

Oh Yeah! Combat boots are a rage this season. Everyone ranging from celebrities to fashion bloggers is wearing it. They give an instant step up to your otherwise simple look. Besides the best part is you don’t have to wear sky high uncomfortable as hell heels. These are flats so basically snug as a bug in a rug. Absolutely in love with these.  

2.Bomber jacket

Oh yeah, Bomber jackets are going to be a rage this season. Bombers have enjoyed their fair share of popularity all throughout the year and are expected to do the same in winters as well. Bomber jackets are cool and Classy at the same time. One can sport leather bombers, Woolen bombers or even sequined bombers.  

3.An over-sized sweat/ sweater

Thanks to the comfort fashion everything over sized is so in vogue. Step out in an over-sized sweat or a sweater and pair them up with tights and sneakers. This is the kind of combination which is downhill all the way. We girls secretly wished for this all through these years and finally fashion fairy heard our wishes and granted us with this comfy trend.  

4.Thigh high boots

Now this one is my favorite. Thigh high boots are that one fashion essential which not only prevents cold but makes us look sassy in a go. These fair well on both short height and tall girls equally. It reveals and covers up all the right amount of skin to show.  

5.An Overcoat

Winters are incomplete without a classy overcoat. Overcoats are simply a life saver. Wear whatever underneath just throw a classy overcoat athwart and you are ready to go out all swanky and modish. Trends may come and go but this is one trend which is here to stay forever and ever.  

6.Denim jacket

Denim has been the fad since long. And the trend is going to keep going this season as well. A denim jacket whether it be a bomber of a half jacket is a must have for every girl with cool quotient af. I so adore this trend since it is warm as well as faddy.  

7.An ala mode faux fur blazer

Fur is pretty and every girl’s best friend. Who doesn’t love fur? Fur is the in-thing this season. But-but-but please do not go for real fur rather faux fur. Nothing is worth so much fashion that a living being needs to sacrifice its life.  

8.A cute beanie

Oh yeah! Winters will be all scrappy and dull without a cap. After all, this is the only time of the year where you can adorn this pretty af accessory to step up your dressing game. There are so many cute beanies available online. So ready to add this feather to your head literally own the winters.  

9.Woolen cape

A woolen cape is that garment of clothing which is so easy to wear and warm in nature. Just slip inside a woolen cape and you are good to go. Every girl must own at least one of these in case there is nothing to wear which is the scene majority of times.  

10. CAMO

Camo has made its way from military dressing to our everyday fashion affairs. Both man and woman seem to be equally obsessed with camouflage dressing. Camo prints add a sassy factor to our get up instantly. Camouflage prints could be seen everywhere ranging from our dresses to overalls to jackets.  

11.Some other winter wear trends that are going to influence winter dressing:-

  a) Puff sleeves b) Metallic/sequinned dresses c) Leather jackets d) Turtlenecks e) White sneakers f) Velvet    

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