Top Ten fashion trends of the year ! Trends which took the year 2016 by storm.


I can very well promulgate that 2016 is the year dedicated to comfort dressing .This year we saw an array of trends coming into vogue which completely metamorphosed the current fashion scenario. Here is a catalog of ten Fashion trends that took the year  2016 by the storm :-

1. Sneakers 

Sneakers with anything to everything. This is one far-flung fashion trend ,which everybody ranging from celebrities to runway models from streets to common people acculturated with much whims and fancies. You wear a T-Shirt ,toss white sneakers beneath it ,you wear a dress pair it up with white shoes,You wear an LBD or that matter WBD throw a pair of sneakers under it,Even wear a white bridal gown or a lehenga for that matter juxtapose it with sneakers and you are good to go. The reason for people adapting for these so quickly was the comfort factor associated with it. We girls were tired of bearing the heavy weight of those things labeled by numerous names such as stilettos , pumps,platforms etc etc. Now we have something which we can just slip in ,in literal terms and look cool. Our savior sneakers. I don’t think a year back or two we could have even thought of pairing our party wear dresses with sneakers but this trend did so and I hope it is here to stay for long. Until then a big shout out from our happy and comfortable feet. Sincerely all the girls.   blank

2.Fringe power 

Those cute tassels hanging out from all our favorite accessories whether it be a purse , dress, jacket or shoes added an extra element to it. Ladies and Men both welcomed this trend with open hands.Girls could be seen sporting fringe bags with much Elan. It literally overshadowed every other craze that was in vogue. Yay ! to fringe power . blank    

3.T-shirt / Shirt Dresses 

As I already mentioned comfort factor outshined everything else and was the propagator of another such trend known as “The T-shirt dress “. Throw off a long loose fit T-shirt or you could go for a T-shirt dress and pair it off with anything ranging from white sneakers to pumps and you are more than good to go. Another such thing was a shirt dress.Wear a shirt under a t -shirt and here comes a shirt dress. Ladies embraced to these trends hands in hand since they were so comfy yet so stylish. Now the plus size girls like me had something to be all comfortable in. Something which could hide all their flabby areas and they could still be themselves in it.  

4. Sweat pants were the new trousers /ATHLEISURE 

  pajamas   People wore their sweat pants and pajamas to formal gatherings. A lot of this to be thanked celebrities too , they were the one bringing this trend into the mainstream. Now our comfy sweatpants were something in which we could step out anywhere and everywhere. Thanks to all those fashion stylists and bloggers which actually brought out real fashion this year.  

5. Purple lipstick –

Yes ! This was one trend which was criticized by many but at the same time there were many other who welcomed this craze with open arms or I should say lips. After actress Aishwarya Rai’s infamous purple pout at Cannes film festival ,thousands of girls uploaded their purple lipstick looks on Insta sporting different shades of purple.   purple    

6.The Quirk appeal –

Quirk is in and in with a bang ! Everything quirky and funky weather it is bags, lip shades, dresses, shoes ,accessories or beauty trends is passing fancy currently .People are bringing their quirk factor out and are not apprehensive about what other people will think. Real Fashion is when you decide to satiate your inner style first and that is what is happening.  

7. Silver jewelry 

The charm of those rusty metallic silver jewelry has taken over our fashion buds. Silver jewellery is so much in vogue and is expected to be in the same in the coming year too.

8. Boho look

BOHO look took over the fashion scenario and people were seen bringing out their hippie and boho side out. Earlier boho look was preserved for few occasions as such music festivals or while traveling but not anymore. Every girl next door is turning into a “BOHO DIVA” now. blank  

9. Men Dressing

Do not have anything to wear? Throw off your guy’s shirt.Want something comfy to laze out in ? Let’s check out Zara’s men section. Girls not drawing gender-based boundaries to clothing and going for comfort in men dressing is another trend which gained momentum during this year. And I am glad we are actually moving towards realistic fashion.

10.Cold shoulder

As a matter of fact now we can give cold shoulder in literal terms. Cold shoulder trend popped up and earned popularity within no time. Actually a savior for girls like me who wanna go all sleeveless but kind of apprehensive about their arms. Moreover, it’s USP is it add the oomph factor to even simplest of garment whether it is a top or an evening wear dress or a simple tee for that matter.blank  

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