Tips for glowing skin : Ten Health drinks to get that miraculous glow on skin

tips for glowing skin

Tips for glowing skin

There is no cosmetic for beauty that comes from within. It doesn’t matter how outrageously priced cosmetics you might be using or chosen the best designer dress but remember nothing can beat the real beauty which comes from inside but these things won’t guarantee you the natural glow on your skin. These things are also imperative but they act better with a good base that is your actual splendour. As far as I am concerned I am a real supporter of everything natural and herbal so here I am setting forth a list of ten beauty drinks which if consumed religiously for a month will bring that unmatchable glow on your skin and your face will dazzle. Either you are getting married soon or waiting up for a special occasion do give these drinks a try and then see that divine smoulder on your skin. Why I personally prefer juice rather than fruits ? Because I know that in today’s fast moving life people might not have time to consume fruits and other things as such. Whereas juice is still an easy peasy way to stuff them down. Although I know that ingesting fruits have more advantages to it but something is better than nothing so my go to options are juices and drinks. Let’s take a look the following drinks which will make your skin glow like they show in TV adverts :-

1. Water

Oh yeah ! Number one on my list would be water.Water if consumed in right quantity and proper manner will transmogrify your skin quality within a month. Start drinking 12-14 glasses of water without any ado every day. Not only water helps in increasing the quality of your skin but it also devoids your body of multiple health issues such as constipation , flatulence , piles and an array of other health problems. Water detoxify your body and make your skin tone even and quality of your skin finer. Also, you will see a decrease in acne on your skin. So start gulping down this magical deoch an Doris and shine out.  

2. Tomato juice

Tomato itself is a rich source of vitamins C. As vitamin C is itself a powerful antioxidant , a deficiency in vitamin c may lead to saggy skin , wrinkles ,blemishes ,uneven skin tone etc.collagen which is an essential component of skin ,hairs and nails are also found in vitamin C and that is the reason it helps in bringing out the inner glow on your skin. We purchase collagen creams at such sky-high prices while it is easily available in our very own tomato. Even pregnant women are being advised tomato and tomato juice. How to consume :- I) Prepare tomato juice or tomato shake after removing its seeds and drink it twice a day ,if not twice then Atleast once a day. II) You can add a teaspoonful of sugar or a pinch of rock salt for taste. III) Or you can make a smoothie with other juice such as Apple or pineapple.  

3. Coconut water

Coconut water is actually a magic potion for skin and skin related problems. It is low in calories and so light to gulp down.Coconut water is the best substitute for any other aerated drink. It has an array of benefits both for skin and hairs namely :- • Make skin soft • Whitens the skin • Reduce wrinkles • Hydrates the skin • Helps in growth of hairs • Make hairs shiny • Evens skin tone   How to consume Consume one coconut water once a day or twice a day for more effect.Use it for a month and you will yourself be able to mark out the difference in the quality of your skin.  

4. Turmeric milk

Yes ! You heard it right. This is one ancient “nuskha” who our mothers and grandmothers have been propelling us to have but we never paid any heed to it. Consuming turmeric milk at night before going to bed can help you with the discolouration of your skin and it helps in lightening the colour of the skin too. Also having warm turmeric milk helps in getting rid of constipation too. I know you might not like its taste but Remember ! Everything comes at a price and this is the price which you have to pay to look pretty ,to look radiant.   How to consume : • Add a pinch of turmeric to a glass of warm milk. • Drink the milk at night before going to bed.  

5. Papaya juice

Papaya is in itself a beauty solution.It contains folic acid ,Vitamin -A,Vitamin C ,Vitamin E and a thing called “Sebum” which is actually our body ‘s natural oil which helps in replenishing the natural shine and glow on hairs and skin. Papaya’s benefits can be categorised as :- • Anti ageing properties • Skin lightening • Reduction of unwanted hairs • Repairs damaged skin • Hydrates the skin etc How to consume • Drink a glass of papaya juice or shake every day In order to avail all those above mentioned benefits.

6. Pomegranate juice –

Pomegranate is that pretty red coloured fruit which was being known for its excellent medicinal properties. Some even called it a wonder fruit but not many know that it is actually a reservoir of many beauty benefits too. Pomegranate is a rich source of vitamin A,vitamin C and vitamin E ,folic acid ,minerals such as phosphorus,potassium,folic acid,thiamin etc. Some of its benefits are listed below :- • Protect from harmful sun rays • Anti ageing • hydrate dry skin • Treats hair loss • Improves skin texture How to consume • Drink pomegranate juice once a day preferably in the morning. • Don’t drink the pomegranate juice empty stomach as it might trigger flatulence ,gas.

8. Green tea –

Initially, green tea was used basically for medicinal purposes but several types of research proved that green tea not only serves as a solution to various health problems but it has amazing health and skin benefits too. And within no time it became a favourite drink of classes to masses. You might have seen all the celebrities gulping down green tea as and when they get time. Some of its beauty benefits are as follows :- • Reduction of blemishes and scars • Tightening of skin • Skin rejuvenation • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles • Reduction in acne and pimples How to consume : • Drink not more than 3 cups of green tea a day. • Neither drinks it too hot nor too cold. It is extremely important to consume green tea in a proper manner otherwise it can do more harms than benefits.  

9. Carrot juice –

Carrot juice is the most phenomenal juice for getting that saloon like glow at home .Trust me, folks ,carrot juice is some form of an amazing elixir which not only has a complete solution to all your beauty problems but gives you a long term effect. It does everything from reducing the acne ,bringing even skin tone ,skin lightening, skin glowing, whitening ,anti-tanning ,anti ageing and what not .Carrot juice is rich in vitamin A and fibres. How to consume :- 1. Drink 2 glasses of carrot ,beetroot and spinach juice every day . 2. Or you can have a smoothie of carrot ,beetroot, and spinach juice.The blend of these three will do wonders to your body.

10. Orange / Sweet lime juice –

Both orange and sweet lime belong to the same citrus family and are endowed with multiple skin and hair care benefits.These fruits are a rich source of vitamin c and thereby offering us multiple benefits :- • decolorisation , bleaching and cleansing of skin •l ightens skin tone • Moisturises skin • Whitening of skin etc

How to consume :-

• Consume a glass of orange juice once a day. • When orange is not available as it is seasonal ,consume sweet lime (mousambi ) juice. So these were 10 alluring tonics for an equally alluring skin.I myself consumed these beverages and I am telling you guys these worked wonders not only giving me a divine glow on my wedding but enhancing the quality of my skin forever. Do try these and give us your feedback if these actually work on you .

Tips to remember :

•Consume these juices as fresh as possible •For better effects do not add sugar.


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