How to stop hair fall? Home remedies to take hold of the hair fall situation


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                                                How to stop hair fall? Some Home remedies to take hold of the hair fall situation
Those strands of hairs falling here and there are every girl’s biggest nightmare. Seeing at that luscious hair mercilessly parting away from your head is nothing less than a living catastrophe. And when it turns into an endless affair it becomes really hard to not turn a hair towards it. But need not worry. All your hairs need is some home-grown love and care. I am a true believer of herbal lifestyle and that’s why I have compiled a list of below mentioned home remedies to fight this demon called Hair fall. Take a look:-  

  Some Home remedies to take hold of the hair fall situation:-

1. Comb your hair gently at least twice a day. This is a misconception that combing your hairs leads to more hair fall. It actually rallies the blood circulation in the scalp thereby leading to less hair fall.

2. Homemade hair falls serum

Heat mustard oil and put one teaspoonful of following ingredients into it:- a) Fenugreek seeds (Methi dana) b) Leaf Cody (Kadhi Patta)

Let the solution settle overnight and apply it to the roots of the hairs first thing in the morning. Use this solution in place of your regular hair oil. You shall see a difference within a month.

3. Massage the scalp at least for thirty seconds while shampooing the Hairs. Make it a habit. Count to 60 and continue massaging your hairs from your fingertips.

4. Do comb the hairs subsequently after the oiling and before shampooing. This will help in reduction in the numbers of hair which fall while shampooing them. Hairs are more prone to falling while we shampoo them.

5. Olive oil, Garlic & egg solution

Add garlic and egg to warm olive oil and apply the solution to the hairs. But remember to apply this solution while it is fresh. This not only aids in reducing hair fall but also supports the growth of your hair.

6. Put on castor oil and egg mix and keep it over your head for at least two hours. Alternatively, you can replace castor oil with coconut or mustard oil as well whichever suits you.

7. Dip fenugreek seeds powder and trifla powder in curd overnight. Apply this homemade serum over the hair first thing in the morning. Do make it a point to apply it to roots as well. Keep it for at least an hour and cover your head with a hair cap. Afterwards, rinse and wash the hairs.

8. Inculcate milk and mix fruit smoothie in your daily diet or you can opt for multivitamin supplements as well. Remember diet is an essential factor to stop hair fall.

9. Take honey, aloe vera and egg in equal parts and apply the blend on the scalp but make sure to wear a shower cap. Don’t let this solution dry otherwise it might result in more hair fall than relief.

10. Massage the hairs thrice a week with castor oil. Castor oil is the best remedy to upsurge hair growth.

11. Wash the hairs with mineral/RO water instead of regular tap water. This will aid in hair fall reduction.

12. If you are using any hair oil or serum then put that over your scalp on the day you wash your hairs after shampooing them. Oiling our hairs just a day before shampooing them is one big beauty mistake we always make. In order to give the maximum advantage of oil or any other hair fall serum the scalp should be clean so that the solution reach to the pores of it.

  Apart from all these home remedies, key to stop hair fall is to keep you stress-free over the concern of it. Don’t worry about it; you are not going to get bald. The more you will be stressed out over hair fall the more will increase in it. Do check that in spite of the hair fall are you experiencing new growth of hairs too? Those small hairs on your forehead are the new growth. If there is new growth there is nothing to worry about. Focus on your diet and take care of your hairs and things will itself fall into its place.

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