How to pack light yet fashionably right while traveling to cold weather places?


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How to pack light luggage yet fashionably right while traveling to cold weather places?

So I recently went on to my first ever winter trip to Himachal Pradesh, India. A beautiful place situated in the embrace of the Himalayas which remain cold even during scorching summers. Although I have had experienced winters at my native place too but they aren’t as cold as it is  around the Himalayas. In spite of  all my efforts to pack light I ended up carrying hoards of weight in my luggage and the whole trip turned out to be a huge struggle on how to carry the luggage. From this experience learnt a lesson or two and got hang of some tips and tricks to pack light while travelling to cold places. These are few ways I follow to look fashionable yet pack light. Here is a catalogue of some tips on how to pack for a cold weather?  
  1. Instead of keeping the heavy jacket in luggage wear the weightiest of them while travelling.
  1. Invest in thin but warm sweaters and pack multiple such sweaters for variety.
  1. Don’t keep so many sweats and jackets since they are the garments that take up most of your luggage space.
  1. Since now is the best time for comfort fashion and athleisure you can borrow loose sweatshirts & wind-cheaters from your hubby/boyfriend while travelling to cold places to save up space & still look stylish. Carry them off with accessories such as smart glasses, caps, mufflers & shoes.
  1. Do not forget to follow the beauty care regime of massaging your face overnight with coconut oil or an herbal moisturising cream overnight in order to save your skin from turning into rough and dry at a cold place. Some must have cosmetics for a cold weather place are :-
  1. Lipbalm
  2. A moisturising lotion rich in cocoa butter and oil
  3. Sunscreen
  1. Do not carry too many woollen garments from here itself, leave a room to buy yourself few of these from the respective cold location as well since winter wears are comparatively cheaper at the cold place.
  1. Shoes and boots carry up most of your space and are comparatively heavier as well. What you could do is carry a single pair of shoes and style it with short and long leg warmers. 
  1. Carry reversible woollen caps which could be worn from both the sides.
  1. Carry stole and shawls and wear them as a dress like the way styled  in the pic below. Not only these are warm but they up your style quotient too.


  1. Replace your jeans with woollen leggings since denim is bulkier and elevate the weight of the luggage.
  1. Carry a fashionable  jacket on your arms or tie it around your waist. This is one trick which I follow to carry a heavy jacket in the daytime when it is not that much cold but I might need one at night. Also, it hides all the extra flab around the waist.
  1. Sunscreen is still a must. If you are vacationing at a cold place, the sun looks more like a friend rather than the hot enemy all through summers. But this doesn’t mean that the Sun Rays won’t harm you. It is equally important to wear sunscreen at chilly places too.
  1. Invest in lightweight shoes but warm socks.
  1. Prefer hooded jackets since they look cool and eliminate the need to wear a woollen cap as well.
  1. Instead of carrying suitcases it is a better idea to carry backpacks while travelling to chilly places. Not only they store hoards of stuff but are also easy to carry.
  1. Do not forget to carry medicines for high altitude sickness and anti-cold, cough since most of the chilly hill stations are situated at high altitude.
  1. Invest in lightweight thermal inner wears and wear them beneath your clothes.
  1. Keep your long hairs open, it would help you combat cold weather.
  1. Carry a single handbag, I prefer a stylish fringe bag pack or a neon coloured one since it gets you the fashion browny points and makes your otherwise simple garment edgy.

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