How to look stylish?Eight fashion hacks to turn you into a Fashion Diva

How to look stylish

                   How to look stylish? Eight fashion hacks to turn you into a Fashion Diva

1 . Heels

Oh yes ! I know a lot have been written about the mighty heels aka shoes and these glorifications are not mere exaggerations. This is a thousand percent true fact that heels give you and your personality an instant lift both in literal and figurative terms. Not only heels make your body posture sexy but it gives you an incessantly smart debonair. Don’t trust me? Do an experiment. Wear your flats and take a stroll in the mall & the repeat the same exercise with heels. When do you get noticed more? I know the answer and now you do too. So step on to them and get set to conquer the world.

2. A smart bag

You know someone has said – ” You don’t carry the bag, It’s actually the bag that carries you ” . This statement holds true everytime. A great bag is something which not only lever ups your persona but also it could be use as a cheat to hide things which you don’t want to display. If you are dressing up in a simple manner do make it a point to carry a pretty bag to elevate your plain look. blank  

Source: Instagram@streetstyledelhi

3. Highlights

What ! Highlights? No these will damage my hairs and they will turn so rough. I might get bald even. What if these don’t suit me? I know such kinda questions start popping up in our mind on the thoughts of getting highlights done. But let me tell you girls highlights are an excellent option to up your style quotient in no other way possible. And If we talk about damaged hairs then there is a solution for this teeny weeny problem too. Go for a good quality colour and choose the right shade, it won’t do much damage to your hairs. And the best thing about hair colour is, It suits to all length type.

4. Lip shade

Yes you heard it right ! A quirky Lipshade may not only bright your face but also brighten up your day. Always, I mean Always invest in a good lipstick and try it on to your lips in normal lighting. Under store lighting any Lipshade will look good on you. Do not hesitate in trying out new shades as you never know what might work on you. Blog Also there is a right way to apply lipstick. I can assure you on following these tips every Lipshade would flatter your face.    

blankSource: Instagram@akriti_lachicaloca


5. A sassy scarf

A chic scarf with bold prints is another fashion accessory which has the holy powers to make you lookJust throw off a scarf in any way out of the multiple ways to wear it and you are all geared up to cut a dash with this simple piece of clothing. stylish and elegant at the same time. Just throw off a scarf in any way out of the multiple ways to wear it and you are all geared up to cut a dash with this simple piece of clothing.

6. Straight hairs

Girls you don’t know the magical powers of straight hairs. Straight hairs might change your look to those before and after makeover pics. I know these might damage your hairs a bit but remember you get your life only once so make the best out of it. Don’t be scared to try out a new look or a thing. You will feel so good about yourself.😍

7. Hanging adornments

Everything ranging from fringes to Pom poems to frills are the accessories which deck out your garment and turn it into extraordinary from ordinary in a single go. Attach the frills at the end of your scarf or affix the Pom poms on your otherwise simple dress. Carry a fringe bag over a Cracker Barrel simple dress and you will find yourself looking hot as a trot.

8. Color Allure

It is a psychological fact that colours make our personality much more pleasing. There are certain colors such as White, black and Golden which instantly add an oomph factor to us. Whenever you wanna create a special impression go for an all white or black attire. Do not worry about a particular colour not suiting you. Ladies there is nothing like a particular color not suiting you. Every color looks good with right of makeup and accessories. So don these colors spread your galore like nothing else.😊

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