How to apply lipstick? Some tips and tricks to get those celebrity like Voluptuous Lips


                                                How to apply lipstick?

Lipstick is that one extra mundane fashion accessory which can metamorphose your otherwise plain look within minutes. There is no other cosmetic as powerful as a lipstick which can revamp you into a Diva within no time. I can’t ever imagine going out without a tinch of lipstick. But like any other cosmetic there is a right way to apply lipstick which most of us are not familiar with. Until few years back I was also one of those girls who use to buy the best lipstick available but still were unable to get that celebrity like effect on the lips. Alas! I did my research and find out about the mistakes I have been making while applying lipstick and ironed them out. Here I am sharing with you few tips and tricks to make your appearance even more stunning with your ordinary lipstick.

1. Overnight Preparations

You have to go to a party tomorrow and your lips are all dry, chapped and cracked. We might be familiar with the fact that a good base is needed to apply makeup on face, then only the makeup turns out to be all radiant. In the same way you need to have soft and shiny lips in order to get that luster via lipstick. I have a hack for that. What I do is I apply beta dine or any other ointment for cuts and bruises on my lips the night before any big day. I know it might be a bit yucky but it actually works overnight and lips become soft and those dry lines are nowhere to be seen.

2. Apply foundation on lips

Ever wonder in spite of buying the same brand your favorite fashion blogger might be using, you fail to get that garish look which you expected? Before applying lipstick apply foundation on the lips. Yes peeps, you heard it right. To get the best Color out from any lipstick apply a tinge of foundation on your lips the same way you apply lip balm. And you will see that the red will look actually like the red shown in TV adverts on your lips.

3. Do not apply lip-balm just minutes before applying lipstick

Yes! I know probably all beauty experts will suggest you to apply lip-balm right before you apply lipstick but that is probably not a good idea indeed since lip balm makes your lip way more moisturized than required and also act as an hindrance in bringing out the true shade of the lipstick. What you should do instead is apply lip balm half an hour before applying lipstick so that lips will get sufficiently moisturized but also not too moisturized. Also always apply colorless lip-balm.

4. Outlining the lips

Always outline the lips from the same shade as of the lipstick. Outlining from a darker shade make you look more mature and aged and also it is easily visible. Also I don’t think we need any lip liner to outline the lips. I outline my pout with the pointed edge of the lipstick itself and let me tell you it works well. Much better than any other lip liner.

5. Always apply at least two Coates of lipstick

The first coat of lipstick usually acts as a base. It is the second coat of a particular lip shade which gives the actual color to the lips. Therefore do make it a point to apply at least two coats of a lipstick. You will see the difference yourself in the lip shade after the application of first coat and then the second one.

6. Use a tissue to even out lipstick and to make it stay long

After applying the first coat take a tissue and keep it in between the lips and then press your lips on it. Repeat the same procedure after applying the second coat. Not only your lipstick will look oh so professional but you will see it will stay for long.  

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