How to get rid of dark circles and under eye bags ? Effective natural remedies

 A lady can kill with her smile and wound with her eyes. While writing this article recollecting the words of famous American musician billy Joel. And I have had to side with him. Eyes are a reflection of a person’s beauty.

And Dark Circles are the biggest enemies of these beautiful eyes. It not only ruins the allure of your eyes but also Deglam the face. Here I am listing few home doable treatments to remove these hideous dark circles from your eyes. Adhere to these and wound the world with your most priced weapon i.e. your eyes. The complete list of tips to remove dark circles is as follows:-

1. Coconut oil

Let me tell you folks, coconut oil is a magic potion which is in itself is a cure for almost all beauty problems. Religiously massage your under eye skin with coconut oil every night before going to sleep. But remember since under eye skin is very delicate and can even get damaged by harsh rubbing, therefore always massage yours under eye skin with your ring finger. Ring finger is least on pressure and also gentle on your skin. Always remember this fact while applying anything over your under eye area. Follow this cure for a month or so and you will soon notice that your dark circles are lightening and within three months or so your eyes will be back to being beautiful and fresh as they were earlier.

2. Baby Cream

Yes, you heard it right. It’s “Baby cream”. Baby cream serves as an excellent moisturizing agent for your under eyes and also does the job of lightening the skin too. You need not invest in those exorbitantly priced eye creams rather massage yours under eye area with the baby cream and your will yourself see the difference. Besides, don’t forget, Always massage your under eye area with your ring finger.



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3. Raw milk

Raw milk also has lightening properties and the perks are, it is easily available. Apply raw milk on your under eye area and leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it with cold water. But there is one thing you must pay attention to. Never apply plain raw milk directly to your under eyes. Always add some moisture to it. You can add few drops of coconut oil or even better Almond oil or ghee (clarified butter) or anything consisting moisture of any kind to raw milk. Gently apply this under your eyes with cotton balls. And even after washing, never rub your under eye area with towel alternatively, pat it lightly. Almond oil works the best.

4. Cucumber juice

Either apply cucumber juice or its slices onto your under eye area for 10 minutes and then wash it. Even after rinsing always apply a moisturizing cream under your eyes otherwise, your skin will become even more dry and loose which will, In turn, increase your dark circles.




5. Tomato juice

Tomato juice is another agent to get rid of those dreadful dark circles and under eye bags. Either apply tomato slices or tomato juice directly on the affected area with the help of a cotton ball and then adhere to the same procedure, Pat it dry and apply moisture. This works as an excellent remedy to kick out those under eye bags and dark circles.

6. Potato juice

Potato is an excellent skin lightening agent. Either cut the potato into slices or extract its juice and apply it over the dark circles. But, please note that since potato doesn’t contain any moisture so don’t forget to add some moisturising agent into this solution in the same way as It has been mentioned above.

7. Orange juice

Orange is literally “The beauty food”, a beauty Genie. Drink its juice get the glowing skin, use its peel to make a face pack, apply its juice over the skin and get overnight radiance. Orange juice is also an excellent cure for these hideous dark circles. Squeeze out its juice and then apply it with a Cotton ball and then rinse after 10 minutes or so. You will soon discern the difference on the affected area.

8. Add to your water intake

 Not consuming enough water is the root cause of most of the beauty and health issues. Increase your water intake to get rid of the problem of water retention. It might also be causing dark circles.


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9. Always remove your makeup

Make it your habit to always, always remove your makeup before going to bed. Don’t forget to wash your face and apply a night cream on your face and especially onto the under eye area. This 5-minute ritual will do wonders to your skin. Aloevera Gel or coconut oil could be very well used as a makeup remover. So stop being lazy and sacrifice your beauty and health to it. That five minute moment of weakness might led your skin into wrinkles.

10. Beauty  pointers

The main cause for dark circles is the lack of sleep. Try to take At least 7-8 hours of sleep. Also, focus on your diet. Take a diet rich in fruits, vegetables etc. Make an effort to cut up  your  Tea, coffee, alcohol, and smoking intake.

11. Do not put Koehl (Kajal) way too often

Although it might not look like one of the reasone for dark circles but it sure is. People who wear kajal everyday are more prone to having dark circles since Kajal (koehl) smudges away after a certain time and thereby leaving black traces over the under eye area ultimately causing dark circles. Either outline the kajal with an eye liner so that it doesnt smudges away or try to put on kajal as less as posssible. Reserve this cosmetic for special occasions only.

Some Do’s and don’t’s worth keeping in mind:-

  1. Always massage your under eye area with your ring finger.

  1. You’re under eye skin is more delicate than the rest of your skin so it needs more care.

  1. You’re under eye skin is more prone to wrinkles and signs of ageing starts appearing from here only.

  1. Always keep your under eye skin moisturized.

  1. Even during long working hours on computer or phone take a 2-3 minute break and put your fingers over your eyes for the above mentioned time.

  2. Always pour 2,3 drop of almond oil or coconut oil in the solution of any of the above remedies to keep your eyes hydrated.

  3. Even though these are herbal remedies but it is not a guarantee that it will suit your skin and won’t harm it so keep a check on the remedies which are actually working and which ones             are making the problems worse.

These are some easy homemade cures which can do wonders to your skin.And I can assure you that once you follow these diligently you are bound to sparkle.

Don’t forget to give us your feedback if you actually feel an improvement.


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