How to lose Weight? Follow these easy peasy tips to get back into Shape


                                                  How to lose Weight?

Losing weight is one of the most hard pressed tasks in this world. I know none of us wants to gain those extra kilos and look fat but most of the time there are a lot of situations in life which go haywire and we gain weight. Most of the time we don’t even realize it but when the clothes start to shrink or to be more precise we start to get huge then comes the realization that there is actually an elephant in the room. But remember there is never too late for anything, weight is not something impossible to loose. Although there are no shortcuts to it and if there are then those are not healthy and might have negative repercussions towards your body in the long term. When I got married last year the same thing happened to me and I ended up gaining 22 pounds within a span of 6 months. I chose ostrich strategy to handle this and I was left with nothing but more weight gain. But then one day I had a moment of realization and I decided that I love myself more than anything, whether it is food or my laziness. These things had to go. I followed some easy weight loss home doable rituals since I am no Jen Fonda, neither can I sweat it out for hours in the gym. I would like to share these easy peasy methods to lose weight. Let’s break the back of this beast called weight by following these tips to lose weight:-  

I. Drink Fenugreek Seeds water

Dip one teaspoonful of fenugreek seeds in a glass full of water and then drink the water minus the seeds first thing in the morning. Fenugreek seed water is not only an excellent liquid to lose weight but it also helps in detoxification of the body and assists in digestion too. Also, you can make a paste of dipped fenugreek seeds and apply it as a paste on your skin and hairs too. On its regular consumption, you will see 4 to 5 pounds decrease in your weight within a fortnight.  

II. Consume green tea and warm water

Consume either green tea or warm water thrice a day. It also aids in the reduction of weight and extra fat too. Do make it a point to keep a gap of at least an hour before and after the food and consumption of green tea and warm water.  

III. Walk as much as you can

Remember there isn’t a better exercise than walking. Walk as much as you can and wherever you can. i) Walk umpteen times during the day even if it is for 5 minutes only. ii) Walk half an before consuming food and also afterward too whether it be your breakfast or lunch or evening snack. iii) Do not be lazy and walk as much as you can in office too. Instead if ordering your peon or assistant for something go do that task yourself. iv) Even while watching TV lying in bed you can do bicycle maneuver,   (cycling in air). v) Or you might just stand on a single spot moving your legs as if such you are walking. vi) Set reminders in your phone at hourly intervals urging you to walk. vii) Instead of going to outings where you just sit and watch the movies choose to go for activities involving physical exercises like going out on a picnic or gaming zone or bowling. blank    

Bicycle maneouver 



IV. Never ever skip breakfast

I know there is never enough time to devote to breakfast but still it is extremely imperative to consume a heavy breakfast. If you can’t have proper breakfast at home then do carry it with you in tiffin and have it during the way while commuting and do have Milk. Milk gives us a feeling of being fully fed and that too without consuming anything unhealthy. Although go for the milk with the least fat content in it.    

V. Do not starve yourself

Eat small meals six to seven times a day. Instead of having three full meals, have six to seven small meals throughout the day.  Besides it is always a bad idea to make you starve; it will only result in feasting onto more food later and thereby doing more harm than good.    

VI. Water

Oh, water! Our magical potion. Consume 12-15 glasses of water a day. Increase your water intake slowly and steadily. Also, make it a strict ritual to drink two to three glasses of water before every meal. Not only it  assists in weight loss but also improves the quality of your skin too. Guys seriously water works as the best agent to curb the hunger.

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VII. Let the moment of weakness pass

I know you might be all hungry and you decided to give everything up over your hunger and decide to gorge on all Kinds of unhealthy stuff but don’t, just don’t do that. This is that one moment of weakness in which we overeat and then the result is this epidemic called weight gain.   i) Call your friend and have a chat about random topic. ii) Window shop or actually shop on your website online. iii) Have a walk for 10 minutes or so. iv) Consume two glasses of water or have tea.   After this moment of weakness shall pass you will realize that your hunger will be lowered down. So stay strong and beat this urge to overeat.    

VII. Prefer food with fewer amounts of oil and Clarified butter (ghee)

Learn ways for healthy cooking and use low sorb oils and butter. Make use of various spices to make your food delicious but reduce the addition of oil and clarified butter in your food. I am sure if you shrink down the consumption of these items to half your weight will reduce in equal quantities.    

VIII. Cut up on Sugar

Oh gosh! How could we even imagine living in a world that possesses eatables without sugar? I know it is just impossible but I am not asking you to go completely sugar-free rather trim down on its quantity. Gradually decrease its consumption.  

IX. Motivation tactics

Remember! No one else whether any health guru or an actor or an Instagram celebrity can motivate you to lose weight more than you. You are your biggest motivation factor. Here is a list of some motivational tactics which I used to motivate myself while I was trying to lose weight:-   i) Set up a poster or An Old photograph of yourself of the time when you were fit, in the room in order to remind you of what you were and could be. ii) Set up motivational status and fitness quotes on your phone and laptop. iii) Watch your favorite celebrity’s fitness video. iv) Ask people  around you not to encourage and provoke you to eat.      

X. Sleep well

As being advised by many fitness experts and dieticians, lack of sleep is also one of the major causes of weight gain, therefore, try to have a sound eight-hour sleep.    

XI. Take small portions food

Instead of filling your plate with large quantities of food take smaller portions. It would encourage you to eat less. Also whenever you have an intense craving to eat a pizza or say a pastry have only a slice or bite of it.  

XII. Do not eat together on the same plate

I know some of us might have had the habit to eat on the same plate as of our husband or kids but stop doing this from today itself. This habit makes us consume more food than actually intended. Keep a track of how much you have eaten. Likewise, do not eat leftovers by your kids just because you would not want to waste food. It is a good habit actually but not good for your weights lose shenanigans.    

XIII. Don’t keep unhealthy food at home

Yes, Make it a strict no-no to keep aerated drinks, chocolates, cheese etc. in the freeze. You never know when your control might leave you and then these devils come in handy since there are easy to access to contribute to your weight gain.    

XIV. Increase the consumption of green veggies and fruits

Folks this is not dieting we are schmoozing about here rather weight loss and that too in a healthy way. When you will start cutting up on your diet than your body should remain healthy. Increase the consumption of green veggies and fruits in your diet in order to compensate for other things.    

XV. Stay away from eating out and visiting fast food joints

Peeps you never know what kind of oil or butter those outlets might be using so try to elude your visits to restaurants and fast food joints. Eat at home as much as possible. Although you can reward yourself with a cheat day once a week.    

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