28 Fashion Quotes to Swear By!

Fashion Quotes

                                          28 Fashion Quotes to Swear By!

Time for some Fashion Quotes inspiration ladies! Add on to some Fashion swag into your everyday lives with these swanky, stylish and on fleek Fashion quotes. Fashion is actually a marvel that metamorphose our ordinary lives into something spectacularly glamorous and these fashion quotes depict the same. For fashion loving girls like me Fashion is actually our everyday dose of confidence and self love. People say they do fashion to showoff others, We say we do Fashion for ourselves. Read these Fashion quotes and get High on Fashion:- 



“Who said Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Mine happen to be GUCCI and PRADA!”



“Life Can’t be Perfect” 

But who said your outfit need to be in sync with life ?”



“It takes a whole lotta mess to look like a ten on ten!”



“Fashion is a drug that never wears off!”



“If you are going to be sad then you might as well be sad at Chanel!”



“Dress for the kind of lifestyle you want!”



“High Heels – High life”



“Fashion is not only about trying the set trends, rather trying something that not only makes you look trendy but ‘YOU’.”



” Now a days Fashion be like 




” Being Fashionable not only makes one look pretty on the exterior but acquaints with a beautiful confidence from inside too. “



“Fashion is Love, Fashion is Life!  Fashion is all things Pretty, Fashion keeps my spirits alive.”



” My antidepressant is a new pair of Jimmy Choo(s)!”



“Fashion gives me a high which nothing else can give.”



“That moment When I walk by with my fashion swag on & everyone stares at me. That is the moment that makes all the splurging worth to me.”

“I am more delightful to hang out with when I am dressed pretty. Meet me on a bad outfit day and I am nasty AF.”




” There is nothing like over the top.”




“Nothing can match up the feeling of content that a revered dress gives.”




“Couture is actually an ingenious Art.”




 “Every stroke of liner shrieks a story.”




 “Fashion is the machete to fight competitiveness.”




“Fashion shouts ‘Follow me’

Style Shouts ‘ Be striking’ “.




” If you can’t get it outta your mind, then go for it. “




“I know My Allure Cz I have paid enough for it. “




 “A good outfit can fail all antidepressants.”




“The regret for the things we didn’t buy is the biggest regret of all.”




” A moment of silence for all those things which we thought were dope at a time but  sucked big time.”




 “Only a fashionholic knows the Struggle of hustling through a fashion Sale.”




So, These are some fun and fabulous Fashion Quotes for all the Fashion Lovers out there. A big Yay! to Fashion.

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