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The word PANDORA means a gift box containing HOPE and optimism. This venture is also a Pandora box which comprises of useful information about various things. Open this Pandora’s box specially crafted to parcel out awareness and understanding about myriad topics to meliorate your life. Become au courant with current information on varied topics namely Personal development, Beauty ,Fashion, Health, Everyday hacks, Travel, Personality development etc to make life simpler.

Also we have curated a special category named “Hush hush corner” where you can send content about your inner most feelings or vent out your anger regarding any random topic. If it is in sync with our perspective we publish the same.

The raison d’être of this startup is to contribute our bit to make the surroundings better. If this initiative could bring a change in other’s life then we will consider it as a success. Nobody is perfect ,neither are we but we feel that everyone can learn and assimilate from others and share a few pearls of wisdom of their own. We are bestowing what we have ,knowledge which we acquired from others.


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