Twenty Quotes on Marriage That Perfectly Define this Relationship!

Whenever we hear this word marriage, We tackle all pink and imagine a perfect couple living happily ever after in their dreamland. All the love stories are expected to culminate into marriage and a happy marriage is usually seen as the happy ending of life. But wait! There is more to it. Marriage is not a cakewalk, It is actually a series of relentless challenges. Mentioned below are few quotes on...

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Poems to express love on Karva Chauth !

" When you are In Love ,You are in Love "

Initial honeymoon phase of every relationship is the most cherished part of life . Luckily If your love turns out to be your soulmate then you feel like the most fortunate person of the world. There is no one only you and your Love. When you found your true love your mind , your heart and your soul are all immersed in love. You see noting but love ,you ...

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Six Huge Changes Which Majority of Indian Girls Encounter After Marriage

Marriage is not a bed of roses. It is actually an everlasting challenge which starts soon after wedding festivities winds up. If you are lucky enough you might go to your honeymoon (Yes, There are still lot of couples still don't go to honeymoon for varied reasons) and when you are back or maybe not since you never went to your honeymoon, you are back to your real lives, ready to face those real l...

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Six positive changes which marriage brings into one’s Life !

Six positive changes which marriage brings to one's Life.


1. Commitment
Now there is that one person in your life who is fully committed to you. Now you know that the base of your relationship is solid and there is no backing off or that fear of breakup and that the other person will leave you alone. That constant fighting and bickering and those constant threats of ending the rela...

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Things you should never do to a bride to be !

Becoming a bride and having a fairy tale like the wedding is every girl's childhood dream and when the actual time comes there is be no one happier than her .

But then again, Along with all the happiness ,she has 1000 things to do in order to execute her dream wedding into reality.So it is nothing but natural that she might become a bit cranky and that she will be in no mood to take any negativ...

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