Poems to express love on Karva Chauth !

” When you are In Love ,You are in Love ”

Initial honeymoon phase of every relationship is the most cherished part of life . Luckily If your love turns out to be your soulmate then you feel like the most fortunate person of the world. There is no one only you and your Love. When you found your true love your mind , your heart and your soul are all immersed in love. You see noting but love ,you eat nothing but love, you live love. Here are couple of my short poems which I wrote for my love on the occasion of Karav Chauth. Share these lovey dovey status on Karva Chauth to make your husband feel special. Felt like sharing these with you.. 🙂

1. You are my last chance, My last hope 
If you are with me there is nothing which i cant cope !!
I was alone and I was hopeless,
I was depressed and lost in darkness,
And then i saw a ray of light,
And that light was truly worth the fight !!
That light was you baby,yes you
Your heart so pure,your love so true !!
I tried pushing you away out of my way,

But you were there for me,forever with me to stay !!

2. God had something good for me in store,
And that was you My baby 

To love me more and more!
God answered all my prayer 
A Love like you very hard to found, very rare!!


3. No matter how hard i am to handle.. you handle me so well..
oh baby you have cast a love spell..!!
Love for me was just a word,
something which whole world experiences but for me only a fantasy to be heard !!
You gave me Love
A love so vast
A love so deep
A love so pure
A love so steep !!


4. I know you love me a lot and,
Your love is my biggest treasure !
Your company is my life’s biggest pleasure !!
And I trust you my baby, my life
I Can’t Wait for the day when I will become your wife !!

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