Everyday kitchen hacks to make your rendezvous with kitchen much more romantic.

Ahh ! The kitchen is one place where I personally don't like spending too much time.But whether I like it or not I have to devote my fair share of time preparing meals,cleaning it ,managing it etc etc.But during this tryst with a kitchen, I found some easy kitchen hacks which made my life much easier and comfortable but to forget saved a lot of time as well.Some of these were invented by me and th...

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Are you a Tea addict ? The saga of a Hardcore Tea Lover!

A cold day shivering day, I desperately need my energy potion, this miraculous drink called “ Tea”. I am looking for a cup of "Tea" here and there but couldn't find a tea cup. Exasperated tried preparing the same but I am out of tea leaves, tea bags , gas everything. Suddenly I am in a strange land. I am running like idiots and I saw a ray of hope, a gorgeous brown as a berry tea lying queenly...

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